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Actually, my resolution for 2022 was clear: I would not develop a sweet recipe for the blog. Just because I'm the savory part of Zucker&Jagdwurst it doesn't mean I don't enjoy preparing sweet things in the kitchen, sure. But for the blog, I either picked the complicated recipes or made it unnecessarily difficult for myself. See: vegan gingerbread house and vegan Baumkuchen bites. That's why I wanted to give myself a sweet break this year and instead enjoy the little cakes and desserts that moved from the test kitchen to my plate.

Well, and now I'm sitting here making a vegan version of Baked Alaska, a mighty ice cream cake with a cake base and flambéed meringue coating. I really don't know how I ended up here, but I guess we all have to go through it now.

Baked Alaska is an absolute dessert classic and looks impressive. But actually, the preparation isn't even as complicated as you might think at first glance. However, I strayed from the classic path during the test cooking and made my own recipe adjustments (which also made my life a little easier). Strictly speaking, I guess we are no longer dealing with a "Baked Alaska" but with a delicious ice cream cake – or shall we say: delicious ice cream mini cakes. Although a large ice cream cake is imposing for sure, I just liked the idea of several smaller cakes much more. If you'd rather make the large Baked Alaska, all you have to do is adjust the size of the baking dish and bowl, but the measurements of the ingredients can stay the same.

Let's go through the individual components, shall we?

The base: The base of a classic Baked Alaska is a sponge cake, but I always found it lacking in contrast to the soft meringue layer and the ice cream when I first tested it. I kept thinking of a classic ice cream cone, so I opted for a crispy shortbread base. But you can use any cake base you like and search our cake recipes for it: from a classic sponge cake base to chocolate brownies everything is possible.

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The ice cream: Basically, you can fill your ice cream cake with as many different types of ice cream as you like. But if you want to make it easier for yourself, it's better to use only one ice cream flavor, because this will save you a lot of work. To form the ice cream dome, it's best to line a bowl with plastic wrap and layer your vegan ice cream in it. Before you can form the domes properly, though, the ice cream must thaw a little. After that, the ice cream must go back into the freezer and completely freeze again – this is very important! If you are using several flavors of ice cream, you need to proceed step by step: thaw one flavor briefly, transfer it to the bowl, spread it, and let it freeze again. Then let the next ice cream thaw a bit and so on. I would also recommend adding "heavy," creamy ice cream flavors to the bottom of the bowl first and only using lighter flavors like fruit sorbets afterwards.

The Italian Meringue: The meringue layer is the reason why you can even put a classic Baked Alaska in the oven to brown the outer layer without melting the ice cream. It's like a thick, fluffy protective layer around the frozen core. And, of course, when it comes to a vegan meringue, aquafaba (the liquid of canned chickpeas) is not far behind. Baked Alaska works best with Italian meringue. This is made of beaten egg whites (or just whipped aquafaba) into which hot sugar syrup is poured. This makes the beaten egg whites much more stable and firm – which is also great for our sensitive aquafaba. By the way, you can basically optimize aquafaba for projects like a meringue if you let it simmer down to half – this way it can be whipped even better and gets an even better hold. Another tip I found at ["Project Vegan Baking"] ( is using agar-agar, which I tested out and found very helpful. But if you don't feel like doing all of that, you can also use vegan whipped cream. Just know that it won't last as long on the ice cream cake, and you can't flambé it because it would melt away immediately.

Final tips: Believe me - I've been through all the lows and highs with this recipe, and I can tell you that even if you fail with the ice cream cake, you can still rescue it and repurpose it as a sundae. It's still frustrating, of course, which is why I'd like to share my ultimate advice with you. For this recipe, you need patience. This is not a quick dessert that you can make on the fly. In order for the ice cream layers to be neat and for the vegan meringue not to slip right off the ice cream dome, the ice cream really needs to be frozen again – and that takes time. So rather take your time and divide the recipe over two days. On day one, for example, you can prepare the cake base and the ice cream dome, and on day two you can dedicate yourself to the vegan meringue, assemble everything and flambé it.

6 tarte moulds (ø 9 cm / 3.5 inches)

60 minutes (+10 minutes baking time + approx. 3 hours cooling time)

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For the shortcrust:

  • 250 g (2 cups) wheat flour type 550 or spelt flour type 630
  • 80 g (0.33 cup) sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 160 g (1.5 sticks) vegan butter (cold)
  • 3 tbsp cold water (optional)

For the ice cream layer:

  • 1-2 pints of vegan ice cream (one or more flavors as desired)

For the vegan meringue layer:

  • 2 cans chickpeas (for about 200-250 ml (0.75-1 cup) aquafaba)
  • 0.5 tsp cream of tartar
  • 165 g (0.75 cup) sugar
  • 70 ml (0.33 cup) water
  • 1.5 tsp agar agar
  • vegan sugar sprinkles (optional)


  1. For the shortcrust, mix flour, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. Add the cold vegan butter in flakes and knead in with cold hands. If needed, add cold water spoon by spoon and mix in. If the dough is too crumbly, carefully add more water. The dough shouldn't stick but form a nice, even ball. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

  2. Preheat the oven to 175°C/350°F (convection heat). Grease small tart molds with vegan butter and dust with flour. Roll out the dough on a floured work surface to a thickness of about 0.5 cm/0.2 inches. Then cut out circles that are about 1 cm/0.5 inches larger than the baking tins.

  3. Carefully transfer the cutout dough to the baking molds and slightly press down on the edges. The dough should go to the top edge of the tart mold. Any excess can be cut off. Prick the bottom of the dough several times with a fork, so it doesn't bubble during baking.

  4. Bake the tartelettes at 175°C/350°F (convection heat) for about 10 minutes on the middle rack, until lightly browned around the edges. Then remove from the oven, allow to cool completely, and release from the molds.

5 Meanwhile, line several small bowls with plastic wrap for the ice cream domes. The bowls should be smaller than your tart molds for the cake base.

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  1. Allow the vegan ice cream to thaw slightly, then add it into the lined bowls and smooth out. Cover with the remaining plastic wrap and return to the freezer until the ice cream is completely frozen again.

  2. For the vegan meringue, drain the chickpeas and collect the aquafaba (the liquid of canned chickpeas) in a bowl. Measure out 200-250 ml (0.75-1 cup) of it and pour it into a small pan. Simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes while stirring, until it’s reduced by half (100 ml/0.5 cup). Then allow cooling completely.

  3. Once the ice cream, shortcrust pastry, and the aquafaba are frozen or cooled, place one ice cream dome on each crust and return them to the freezer until the vegan meringue is ready.

  4. Whip the remaining aquafaba and cream of tartar in a stand mixer for about 10 minutes.

  5. In the meantime, bring sugar, water, and agar agar to a boil in a small saucepan and heat to 120°C/250°F – it's best to check this with a kitchen thermometer.

  6. Once the sugar syrup is hot enough, carefully add it to the aquafaba by pouring it into the bowl from the edge, whisking as you go. Continue to whisk the mixture for about 5 minutes until you have a stable meringue and the bowl is much cooler to the touch. Optionally, you can fold vegan sugar sprinkles into the vegan meringue at the very end.

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  7. Spread the vegan meringue with a spoon or spatula around the frozen ice cream cakes and flambé. You can serve the mini Baked Alaska immediately or refreeze them if necessary. They will keep in the freezer for 1-2 weeks.

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What is a vegan Pavlova? ›

A light, eggless meringue with a fluffy, marshmallow centre. Topped with vegan whipped cream and fresh fruit. Keyword vegan pavlova.

What is baked Alaska mainly made of? ›

The dish is made of ice cream placed in a pie dish, lined with slices of sponge cake or Christmas pudding, and topped with meringue.

What are other names for Baked Alaska? ›

Bombe Alaska, also known as Baked Alaska, omelette norvégienne, omelette surprise, or omelette sibérienne, is a dessert made from ice cream and sponge cake topped with a baked meringue.

Is Baked Alaska a hot or cold dessert? ›

Baked Alaska - Cold ice cream on top of pound cake, covered with warm meringue. Best of both worlds! Baked Alaska – A very old-fashioned dessert. Cold ice cream on top of pound cake, covered with warm meringue.

Is there a vegan egg white substitute? ›


Known as aquafaba, that viscous liquid in your tinned beans and legumes is a great vegan egg substitute, especially for egg whites. When whipped, it magically turns into a meringue-like texture that can be used for frosting or in homemade mayonnaise. Use 2 Tbsp. aquafaba to replace one egg white and 3 Tbsp.

Is xanthan gum vegan? ›

Xanthan gum, to the best of our knowledge, is vegan. Produced by bacterial fermentation, it is used to thicken food products or as an emulsifier to help water- and oil-based ingredients stay together.

How does baked Alaska not melt? ›

The ice cream in the baked Alaska stays frozen, even when placed in a hot oven, by taking advantage of the insulating properties of the trapped air in the cellular structure of the foam components (the meringue and sponge cake). The ice cream is surrounded by meringue and sponge cake, which conduct heat very poorly.

What is the difference between bombe Alaska and baked Alaska? ›

What is the difference between bombe Alaska and baked Alaska? A bombe Alaska is coated with hot, high-proof rum before serving and set alight or flambéed. A baked Alaska is browned using a torch or the broiler setting in an oven.

Can you freeze leftover baked Alaska? ›

Leftover Baked Alaska can be wrapped up tightly and kept in the freezer until the next craving. You can torch the meringue again before serving to give it a refresh and also because torching is very, very fun!

Where is baked Alaska popular? ›

The French-Creole fine-dining locale serves the dish in an elaborate tableside show in which a server flambés the egg-white meringue on the outside to perfection. Although its popularity has waned over the years, Baked Alaska remains an iconic New Orleans dish worthy of a celebration.

Can you put ice cream in the oven? ›

An insulated bag or a cooler filled with ice might keep your treat cool just long enough. Using the same principles, it is even possible to bake ice cream in a hot oven and have it come out still frozen!

What dessert is Alaska known for? ›


This is the most Alaskan of desserts, though only a few hardy travelers try it. Native Alaskans create this “Eskimo Ice Cream” by mixing seal oil, reindeer fat, snow, and berries. The ingredients are hand-whipped until they form a foam. Sugar is not traditional but adds fluffiness.

Who invented the baked Alaska? ›

The story of the classic dessert baked Alaska begins far from Alaska — and not with a baker. Instead, it was the American-born physicist and inventor Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford whose discovery would lead to the creation of the dessert.

Is baked Alaska served cold? ›

Baked Alaska is a dessert that consists of a sponge or pound cake base with an ice cream center and a topping of meringue. The dish got its name because you're baking something that is traditionally served cold. (Ice cream = Alaska in this metaphor.

Is aquafaba just chickpea water? ›

Aquafaba is an egg replacement usually made from chickpea water. Some people also use soybean water or water from other neutral-tasting beans. Not only is it a healthy alternative to eggs, but it is also vegan-friendly.

What do vegans use for egg wash? ›

If you need the best vegan egg wash substitute for baking, the answer is simple, aquafaba! This is the liquid from a can of chickpeas or white beans. This thick gelatinous liquid mixed with a little corn syrup can be brushed onto your bread or pastries before baking to give an egg-wash shine.

Are McDonald fries vegan? ›

Unfortunately NOT Vegan at McDonald's (in the US):

French Fries (contain “Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]” and are fried in beef fat) Hash Browns (contain milk and fried in beef fat) Donut Sticks (contain milk in sticks and sauce)

Are Pringles vegan? ›

Original Pringles are vegan, so this is a safe option for you to pick up from the snack aisle. This Pringles Original flavor is also one of the most popular and highly sought-after flavors.

Why does the ice cream not melt in a baked Alaska? ›

Air is a good thermal insulator – it is a poor conductor of heat. As you bake the meringue, the ice cream is insulated by both the meringue and the sponge, so the heat from the oven does not have time to reach it.

Can you freeze uncooked meringue? ›

Can You Freeze Meringue? You can freeze meringue provided that you put it in an airtight, freezer-safe container first. Baked meringue (like pavlova or meringue cookies) will stay good this way for up to a month, while uncooked meringue will last this way for up to ten months.

What alcohol is used for flambe? ›

Your best choices for flambé are brandy, cognac, rum, or any high-alcohol spirit. Beer and wine are lower in alcohol and will not ignite properly.

When did baked Alaska become popular? ›

In 1895, French chef Jean Giroix from a hotel in Monte Carlo created a replica of the dessert named omelette la norvienne, or 'Norwegian omelet. ' Baked Alaska continued to gain popularity under several monikers until its contemporary name appeared in The Original Fannie Farmer 1896 Cookbook.

How did German chocolate cake get its name? ›

The name comes from Sam German — who was either an American or an Englishman, depending on what you read. In 1852, he invented a style of sweet baking chocolate for the Baker's chocolate company. The company named it after him, but "German's Chocolate" didn't become well-known until 1957.

Is baked Alaska French? ›

Baked Alaska was created by a French chef. Charles Ranhofer, of the New York institution Delmonico's Restaurant, claims baked Alaska as his creation, which would have been served to celebrate the purchase of Alaska from Russia by America in 1867, hence the American name for the cake.

How long will baked Alaska keep in freezer? ›

Let the Baked Alaska stand at room temperature for 3 to 5 minutes before slicing to serve. Leftovers may be covered in plastic wrap and frozen for up to two days.

How do you store a bomb in Alaska? ›

Tip 10. The bombe can be made and stored in the basin without the meringue up to 2 months ahead. Once the meringue is torched, place on a freezer-proof plate. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and freeze for up to 2 weeks.

When was ice cream invented and by whom? ›

A.D. 618–907: The origins of ice cream date back to China's T'ang period, probably as a dish for the country's rulers. The founder of the dynasty, King T'ang of Shang, kept 94 “ice men” on hand to lug ice to the palace to make a dish made of koumiss (heated, fermented milk), flour, and camphor.

What was the first ice cream made? ›

The earliest forms of ice cream bear little resemblance to the creamy sweet stuff inside your freezer. The emperors of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD) are believed to have been the first to eat “a frozen milk-like confection.” This version was made with cow, goat or buffalo milk that was heated with flour.

What is frozen Florida dessert? ›

Frozen Florida. The Frozen Florida, a dessert that emerged during the 1960s, is the inverse of Baked Alaska: hot liquor encased in a frozen meringue shell. This creation was actually the result of the newly invented microwave oven.

Where does a baked Alaska come from? ›

Created by Charles Ranhofer, the French chef who put New York City's famed Delmonico's on the map in the mid-19th century (via Untapped New York), the classic dessert of ice cream and cake wrapped up in a bonnet of toasted meringue was Ranhofer's nod to the U.S. purchase of the Alaska Territory in 1867.

How does ice cream cake not melt? ›

The secret to keeping the ice cream cold is all in the meringue! Meringue is full of air bubbles which stop the heat from the oven reaching the ice cream! The meringue ( and sponge cake base ) act as insulators trapping the heat and stopping it melting the cold ice cream!

What happens if you heat ice cream? ›

What changes happen if you heat ice cream? The ice cream turns into a sticky liquid.

Can cream of tartar be used in ice cream? ›

Whip heavy whipping cream until it has bubbles, then add cream of tartar (optional) and add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. Continue whipping to stiff peaks.

What is Alaska favorite food? ›

Fish, oysters and crab are among its most popular catches, and thanks to strict sustainability regulations, Alaskan seafood is some of the freshest in the world. Throw in an array of game meats and dishes originally eaten for survival by the first Alaskan Natives, and you've got quite the diverse culinary scene.

What is fish ice cream in Alaska? ›

Akutaq (ah-goo-duck), or Eskimo Ice Cream, is a delicacy that Alaskan Natives have enjoyed for thousands of year. Unlike the creamy and dairy-filled version of ice cream, Eskimo Ice Cream is derived from animal fats and oils mixed with berries and occasionally ground fish.

Can you get baked Alaska in Alaska? ›

"Something about the baked Alaska doesn't fit that bill for me." There is one place in Southcentral Alaska you can find it -- though it comes with a twist. At Alyeska Resort, a "baked Alyeska" is the resort's most popular dish.

What is the definition of aquafaba? ›

Definition of aquafaba

: the liquid that results when beans are cooked in water. Note: Aquafaba is used especially in vegan cooking as an egg white substitute.

Can I replace cream of tartar? ›

What is a Good Replacement for Cream of Tartar? A good replacement for cream of tartar in baking is 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice for every 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar.

How do I use OGGS aquafaba? ›

Loosen the sides of the carton, squash the top up straight and snip along the dotted line. Each carton contains 200ml aquafaba. Three tablespoons of OGGS® Aquafaba is the equivalent to 1 whole medium egg. Two tablespoons is the equivalent to one medium egg white.

What is chickpea water used for? ›

Known as aquafaba or chickpea water, it can be used as a vegan substitute in many recipes that call for eggs or egg whites. Meringues, fancy, foamy cocktails, mayo—it may seem crazy, but it really does work! If your interest is piqued, great.

Is aquafaba OK to eat? ›

Aquafaba is an egg replacement usually made from chickpea water. Some people also use soybean water or water from other neutral-tasting beans. Not only is it a healthy alternative to eggs, but it is also vegan-friendly.

Does aquafaba have a taste? ›

What does Aquafaba taste like? Aquafaba is nearly flavorless when baked! When you first open the can of garbanzo beans it will, obviously, smell like beans. The aquafaba will have a slight bean flavor/smell when unbaked.

Is aquafaba only from canned chickpeas? ›

So what is Aquafaba? It's the juice in a can of beans. That's right. Most people use the liquid from chickpeas (garbanzo beans) or white northern beans for a lighter flavor, but black beans and others can be used, too.

Is cream of tartar vegan? ›

Yes! Cream of Tartar is always vegan-friendly as far as we can find. As Cream of Tartar is a byproduct of the winemaking process, it does not come from any animal-derived ingredients or processes.

Can I use baking soda instead of cream of tartar? ›

Baking powder

This is because baking powder is made up of sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid, also known as baking soda and cream of tartar, respectively (7). You can use 1.5 teaspoons (6 grams) of baking powder to replace 1 teaspoon (3.5 grams) of cream of tartar.

What is cream of tartar made of? ›

It's made from tartaric acid, a byproduct of the winemaking process. As grape juice sits and ferments, potassium bitartrate precipitates and forms crystals on the inside of the casks which can then be collected and processed to make cream of tartar.

Is Oggs just aquafaba? ›

OGGS® Aquafaba is the plant-based egg alternative for making, shaking and baking. Just swap an egg for an OGG for perfect pancakes, meringues, mayos, cocktails and more! With 72% less CO2e than eggs. We're OGGS® - plant-based egg alternatives and sweet treats that taste as good as you've always known them!

Does Oggs aquafaba go off? ›

Although you can keep an unopened carton in the cupboard for months, once it's opened, it should be used within a week.

Does aquafaba need to be cooked? ›

You can also make aquafaba from scratch by soaking and then cooking your own dried chickpeas. This method is a little trickier since after your beans are cooked, you will need to simmer the cooking liquid down to the right consistency to match the results you get when using the canned liquid.

Does chickpea water give you gas? ›

Chickpeas are made up of oligosaccharides, sugars that are also found in other foods like rye, onions, and garlic. Since they are highly concentrated in chickpeas, a lot of it has to pass through our system, causing longer and more severe bouts of bloating or uneasiness.

Are chickpeas good for hair? ›

Given that chickpeas are rich in protein, they can prevent hair loss. And the manganese they contain can strengthen your hair. A deficiency in manganese can also lead to slower hair growth. The vitamin A and zinc in chickpeas also fight dandruff.

Can I use chickpea water instead of eggs? ›

Drain the chickpea liquid into a container. Use 3 tablespoons of the liquid per whole large egg called for in your recipe. Use 2 tablespoons of the liquid per large egg white called for in your recipe. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freeze to use later.


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