Texas Trees For Sale (2022)

The Lone Star State is the second largest state in the nation, after Alaska. Texans chose the Pecan Tree as the state tree, and the Pecan Tree grows well in the region. The Pecan Tree is a deciduous tree, reaching heights of between 60 and 130 feet tall. The Pecan Tree is actually a species of hickory, and the pecan nut is the most well-known product of the tree. The nut develops from the endocarp, which surrounds and protects the Pecan Tree’s fruit. The nut, or seed of the Pecan Tree, is rich, buttery, and sweet. Though the Pecan Tree’s nut is considered valuable, so is its wood, which is used for furniture and smoking meat. The Pecan Tree can be a great addition to a Texan yard, but so too can the hundreds of other tree varieties from which the Texan planter can choose.

Due to its large size, multiple climates, and widely variable weather, the smart Texan grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

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#2. Red Rocket Crape Myrtle – Ideal for providing year-round beauty, fast-growing growth, and drought resistance.

#3. Cold Hardy Avocado – Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

#4. Bloodgood Japanese Maple – Ideal for adding color, providing ornamental beauty, and no-hassle maintenance.

The state of Texas is renowned throughout the United States as a comfortable, healthy, and safe state in which to abide. It is no wonder that Texan residents may notice new homes being built nearby, new developments and shopping centers popping up, and highways carrying loud cars laid in bulk near their home. Planting trees along yard perimeters will add both privacy and beauty to the Texan yard.

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Although there are many options from which to choose, in Texas, a planter cannot be mistook by the American Holly. Growing throughout the United States, American Holly is adaptable, fast-growing, and colorful. Reaching at least 15 feet in height, the American Holly forms dense evergreen walls reminiscent of hedge mazes. In addition, Texan residents can also choose from the Leyland Cypress or Nellie Stevens Holly to form the perfect private paradise.

Texas, in part due to its large size, is home to several climate zones and weather variations. Summers are hot, averaging around 90°F throughout most of the state. In the west Texan Mountains, temperatures are cooler in summer, averaging in the 80s. In the Rio Grande Valley, temperatures are much hotter, averaging above 100° on summer days. Humidity is equally mixed, with varying amounts of moisture in these areas. Winters are mild to cool, with the coldest temperatures found in West Texas. South of San Antonia, temperatures are notably warmer. Most areas of the state do not drop below 60°F in winter.

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Houston Black soil covers more than 1.5 million acres of Texan land. Water permeation varies with Houston Black soils, which when dry will cause flooding after excessive rain. When moist, the soil will absorb water readily. Regardless of the property’s location in The Lone Star State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil:

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1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY.

2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. Congratulations, you have LOAM.

3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

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Rainfall is wildly varied in Texas. Some areas receive as little as 8 inches on average annually, while other areas may see upwards of 60 inches on average annually. The western edge of the state, though typically cooler, sees less moisture, averaging only 8.7 inches of rainfall annually. In the southeast, rainfall is heaviest. Some areas in this region average 64 inches of rainfall annually. Dallas sees a moderate amount of rainfall: 37 inches annually. Snow is light or nonexistent in the region. Mountainous areas are more likely to receive snow, with areas in the west earning a few small snowstorms a year. In the south and central parts of the state, snow may only come every few years.

With such drastically inconsistent rainfall amounts throughout the state, Texan planters can benefit from the use of irrigation systems. Newly planted trees require adequate and controlled access to water. Dry spells or droughts can be significantly detrimental for a new tree, at times affecting it for its lifespan. Drip or sprinkler irrigation systems can be an effective tool for water management, both conserving water and dispersing it with ease.

It is no surprise that a state as large as Texas has several growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Texas is home to eight unique growing zones. These zones move relatively laterally, southeast to northwest. In the far south, along the border with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico, Texans will rarely see temperatures drop below 25°F for extended periods. Moving northward, temperatures cool in bands of 5°F, with highly populated areas like Austin and San Antonio seeing low temperatures between 15° and 20°F. Temperatures continue to cool up through the northern regions of the state, reaching the valley in Amarillo, where temperatures may drop as low as -10°F for extended lengths of time.

Drought, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes can all affect Texas to varying amounts. Dry areas of the state often experience heavy droughts, which at times have led to wildfires. The deadliest national disaster in United States History occurred in 1900 at Galveston, where a hurricane killed estimates of between 8,000 to 12,000 people. Tornadoes, though frequent, are less devastating. Much of northern Texas sits in Tornado Alley, and Texas notes the most tornadoes of any state in the nation. As such, it is important to plant trees away from locations where they can be at risk for falling on buildings or hitting powerlines. Trees can also be a protective barrier, guarding against erosion.

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If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Texas nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Texas we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.

AbileneGarden Place4002 N 1st Street325-676-0086AbileneGarden World2850 S Clack Street325-698-2401AbileneGreenbelt Garden Center1900 S Treadaway Boulevard325-672-1504AbileneShane’s Greenhouse1108 S US Highway 83325-690-6529AddisonCalloway’s Nursery Inc14120 Marsh Lane972-484-0784AlamoMid-Valley Garden and Pond Supls611 W US Highway 83956-782-5600AlamoSunderland’s Cactus GardensN FM 907 & FM 495956-787-2040AlamoTree Farm824 FM 495956-702-9044AlbaPickett’s Plants and Produce6308 E US Highway 69903-765-4494AledoAledo Tree Nursery590 Muir Road817-341-4888AlicePlantiques Gifts Nursery526 W Front Street361-661-0447AllenRainbow Gardens Nursery402 E Main Street972-727-9338AllenTexas Oklahoma Wholesale Flwrs1112 Southview Drive940-549-9780AlpineOne Way Plant Nursery308 W Avenue E432-837-1117AlvinBay Area Plant FarmRR 6 Box 817281-331-0966AlvinGroundworks Texas5159 County Road 397281-331-8733AlvinT K Tree Service2475 FM 1462 Road281-331-5405AmarilloBert Thomas and Nistler’s LawnRR 2 Box 1200C806-622-3135AmarilloCoulter Gardens and Nursery4200 S Coulter Street806-359-7432AmarilloLove and Son Nursery7525 S Loop 335 W806-352-4667AmarilloPanhandle Greenhouses11900 S FM 1541806-622-2683AmarilloPond Place7900 Coulter Road806-355-3883AmarilloSouthwest Gardens701 E Farmers Ave806-622-9208AnahuacWater Lily World1185 FM 562409-267-6609AngletonEver Green Nursery600 E Henderson Road979-849-6330AngletonK and C Tree TransplantingCounty Road 243979-848-8780ArgyleCalloway’s Nursery Inc2527 Quail Creek Lane940-464-0399ArgyleLantana Gardens3229 FM 407 E817-961-0400ArlingtonCalloway’s Nursery Inc4940 S Cooper Street817-465-2838ArlingtonCalloway’s Nursery Inc900 Lincoln Sq817-861-1195ArlingtonEnchanted Image Nursery4704 Oak Valley Drive817-446-4029ArlingtonMike’s Garden Center Inc4800 S Cooper Street817-466-8400ArlingtonRedenta’s Garden5111 W Arkansas Lane817-451-2149ArpWedge Tree Farm10851 County Road 233903-566-1525AtascosaAlfaro Tree Sales Inc10835 Pearsall Road210-622-9875AtascosaFairway Nursery15135 Herring Road210-622-6262AthensDogwood Nursery6184 County Road 41515903-677-1337AtlantaHighway 59 Nursery904 Red Bluff Road903-796-7136AtlantaLakewood Wholesale Artificial24075 Highway 59 N903-796-6330AtlantaTinckard Plant FarmsCounty Road 4231903-796-8139AubreyMaster’s Touch Nursery and Landscaping26681 US Highway 380 E940-365-1597AustinAus-Tex Garden Supply5101 Burnet Road512-459-7311AustinBarton Springs Nursery3601 Bee Caves Road512-328-6655AustinBig Red Sun Nursery1102 E Cesar Chavez Street512-480-9749AustinGardens1818 W 35th Street512-451-5490AustinGardens By Designs1329 W Mary Street #204512-442-5510AustinGreat Hills Garden Center6914 Mcneil Drive512-219-9600AustinGreat Outdoors Nursery2730 S Congress Ave512-448-2992AustinHill Country Landscape6701 Burnet Road512-459-3833AustinHoward Nursery111 E Koenig Lane512-453-3150AustinLakeview Bonsai and Supplies4005 Paloma Cir512-266-2655AustinLiving Desert Cactus Nursery12719 W Highway 71512-263-2428AustinNatural Gardener8648 Old Bee Caves Road512-288-6113AustinPitchforks and Tablespoons2113 Manor Road512-494-1464AustinPlant Management Assoc7802 Northwest Drive512-443-2322AustinPots and Plants-Westlake5902 Bee Caves Road512-327-4564AustinRed Barn Garden Center12881 Pond Springs Road512-335-8093AustinRed Barn Garden Center620 Slaughter Lane W512-280-9898AustinRenaissance Gardens3804 Woodbury Drive #D512-444-2420AustinS L Spaulding and Assoc8901 Castle Arch CT512-301-7680AustinSledd Nursery1211 W Lynn Street512-478-9977AustinSnooper’s Nursery11304 N Ih 35512-836-3458AustinTexzen Gardens4806 Burnet Road512-454-6471AustinWyatt’s Nursery10301 Thomaswood Lane512-892-5197AzleA and M Greenhouse and Nursery Inc12809 Gantt Road S817-444-3848AzleAzle Nursery and Landscape200 E Main Street817-444-4769AzleNature’s Treasures1500 Florence Drive817-237-6525BanderaMaxine’s Plants808 Main Street830-796-4772BanderaTexas Heritage Nursery2626 Elm Pass Road830-796-3497BangsBangs Greenhouses318 Cedar Street325-752-0212BastropBerdoll Pecan Farm459 Highway 79 W512-321-0600BastropBonsai Garden of TexasHighway 71512-303-3338BastropEnb Lost Pines Nursery791 State Highway 21 E512-321-4175BastropKimas Tejas Nursery962 State Highway 71 E512-303-4769Bay CityMyra’s GardenRR 1 Box 62979-245-3634Bay CitySecond Nature Seed and Garden2105 Norvell Ave979-244-4953Bay CityTrees OnlyRR 1 Box 180979-245-6666BaysideCopano By Growers401 1st Street361-529-8977BaytownDonath’s Garden Works5019 N Highway 146281-383-3066BaytownDonath’s Transplants3607 Mckinney Road281-422-2535BaytownHouston Bonsai1496 San Jacinto Mall281-421-0020BeaumontAl Cook Nursery and Landscaping10225 Highway 105409-898-2294BeaumontBeaumont Garden Center8690 Highway 105409-898-2385BeaumontGarden Shoppe2345 Calder Street409-835-3266BeaumontShell Plant Farm Inc2680 N 11th Street409-892-0434BeaumontSunshine Plant House3425 Concord Road409-835-7007BeaumontWestbury Nursery and Gift Shop403 Gallier Road409-860-7201BeltonElkins Nursery1082 S Wheat Road254-939-2482BeltonSweet Briar Nursery and Gardens13999 FM 2305254-780-4233Ben WheelerBetancourt Tree Farm and Nurse406 Vz County Road 4513903-833-5400Ben WheelerPrice NurseryFM Road 4601903-833-9289Ben WheelerSandy’s Wholesale Tree Farm6433 FM 279903-852-5214Ben WheelerShiloh Acres Plant Farm4332 FM 279903-833-5008BenbrookPlant Shed5050 Highway 377 S817-244-2109Big SpringJohansen Landscape and Nursery700 Johansen Road432-267-5275Big SpringSpring Garden Nursery103 N Moss Lake Road432-393-5899BigfootDel’s Nursery and Landscaping4464 County Road 2800830-663-2554BishopBishop Greenhouses702 N Highway 77 Byp Street361-584-3139BoerneBarkely’s Nursery32450 Ih 10 W830-249-8894BoerneBoerne in Bloom Garden Center123 E Frederick Street830-249-7121BoerneCountry Lane A Specialty Nursery15 Upper Balcones Road830-816-4769BoydSundance GardensRR 1 Box 53D940-433-8118BrazoriaExterior AccentsCounty Road 461 B979-798-4062BrazoriaPom Pom Nursery and Landscaping5467 County Road 353979-798-9376BreckenridgeH and H Garden Center3005 W Walker Street254-559-7389BrenhamBuffalo Creek Tree Farm12222 Kenney Highway979-421-9900BrenhamDiscount Trees of Brenham2800 N Park Street979-836-7225BrenhamGlasco’s Garden and Gifts601 N Horton Street979-836-3210BrenhamHueske Tree Farm5944 FM 50 Road979-277-0037BrenhamTexas Gardens and Landscape1301 Highway 290 E979-836-4600BrookshireBrookshire Tree Farm4422 FM 359 Road S281-346-1419BrookshireLilypons Water Gardens839 FM 1489 Road281-391-0076BrookshirePecan Hill Nursery34303 Pecan Hill Drive281-346-2001BrownsboroBlueberry Hill Farms IncRR 1 Box 527A903-852-6175BrownsvilleGarcia’s Pottery4917 Florencia Ave956-504-9426BrownsvilleGentry’s Garden Center and Flower4580 N Expressway956-350-9805BrownsvillePalm Gardens Nursery345 Galveston Road956-546-1348BrownsvilleTony’s Nursery895 E Los Ebanos Boulevard956-541-5322BrownwoodLake Brownwood Plants PotteryHC 30 Box 16325-784-7521BryanMorehead, Calvin5718 Old Reliance Road979-778-0836BryanR and R Plant Nursery3400 S Texas Ave979-846-2124BryanRainbow Garden Center11650 E State Highway 21979-589-3636BryanShadeview Plant Nursery4710 N Texas Ave979-778-8890BryanSouthwood Valley Turf Ltd3312 S Texas Ave979-693-0214BudaBonsai Exotica16400 S I H 35512-312-1614BuffaloBo Bo’s Nursery and Florist3765 W US Highway 79903-626-4333BullardHidden Gardens Nursery and TeaRR 6903-894-4040BulverdeHome and Garden Solutions25890 US Highway 281 N830-438-3733BulverdeWater Gardens of Texas29110 US Highway 281 N830-980-7663BunaHeart N Hands GiftsN Highway 62409-994-4438BunaHunt-Reeves NurseryRR 3 Box 85409-994-2280BunaOld Farm NurseryGum Slough Road409-994-4935BurlesonArtistic Plants Bonsai608 Holly Drive817-295-0802BurlesonCircle T Nursery Landscape101 E Renfro Street817-426-5900BurlesonGreen Leaf Trees13004 Oak Grove Road S817-426-5882BurlesonGreen Plants Garden Center309 NW Renfro Street817-426-3501Caddo MillsCountry Garden Nursery2344 FM 36 S903-527-3777Caddo MillsPlant Source501 County Road 2748972-784-7886CaldwellZulkowski Wholesale GreenhouseRR 3 Box 161A979-279-2222CameronSherwood’s Forest Greenhouse61 County Road 248254-697-4414CampbellSpradling Greenhouse1319 FM 513 S903-862-3409CanadianKnight’s Nursery Garden Center912 S 2nd Street806-323-5577CantonCactus Ranch511 Vz County Road 1104903-567-5042CantonPage Nursery and Landscaping1255 W Dallas Street903-567-6444CantonPope’s Azalea Farm1960 Vz County Road 4125903-829-5921CarbonTommy’s Greenhouse205 W Asphalt Street254-639-2296Carrizo SpringsWinter Garden Service Inc508 N FM 1407830-876-0202CarrolltonStrong’s Nursery and Garden Center1900 N Interstate 35972-242-7574CarthageGarden House420 W Wellington Street903-690-9033CarthageSeasons226 N Saint Mary Street903-693-8482Cat SpringTrees Direct From Farm8568 Hillboldt Road979-885-4088Cedar CreekBastrop Gardens316 Old 71512-303-5672Cedar CreekWyatt Farms800 Pope Bnd N512-303-5131Cedar ParkWolfe Nursery1900 S Bell Boulevard512-246-0971CelinaD and L Farm and Home-Celina721 N Louisiana Drive972-382-1197CelinaDee’s Trees FarmFarm Road 428972-382-2508CelinaLmi9260 County Road 132972-382-4794CelinaLmi Trees9260 County Road 132972-382-4300CenterSpring Water Farms Nursery604 County Road 1019936-598-4470ChandlerBlue Moon Gardens13092 FM 279903-852-3897CherokeeRock Rose Gardens500 Apache Loop325-622-4543ChildressRoss Grain Co1200 Avenue F NW940-937-2537CleburneAbove and Beyond Nursery2011 E Henderson Street817-366-4850CleburneArmadillo Nursery1105 S Caddo Street817-517-7337CleburneIn the Garden1411 N Main Street817-774-9000CleburneMyers Plant Co302 Erie Street817-645-5872ClevelandBallard Nursery1425 County Road 2224281-659-0857ClevelandBushman Plant Farm877 Shelton Mizell Road281-592-7482ClevelandFerrill’s FoliageRR 4 Box 1314M281-592-5067ClevelandSkyvara Christmas Trees603 Preacher Denson Road936-767-4961ClevelandTexas Forest Service400 Belcher Street281-592-6787CluteJanda’s Garden Center830 W Plantation Drive979-265-8656ClydeFor Land’s Sake218 N Access Road W325-893-2069College StationHeirloom Gardens12900 Old Wellborn Road979-695-2944College StationLA Selva Orchids and Nursery3910 Harvey Road979-774-4776ColleyvillePlant Shed Inc2505 Hall Johnson Road817-283-5681ColleyvilleRedenta’s Garden6230 Colleyville Boulevard817-488-3525CollinsvilleShademaker695 Jenkins Road903-429-8050ColumbusBorden Garden CenterCounty Road 210979-733-9100ComancheNewman Market201 NW Highway 36325-356-2840ConroeBridgewood Farms11680 Rose Road936-856-6460ConroeGarden World1101 Interstate 45 S936-539-6399ConroeParadise Gardens Inc5610 Highway 105 W936-756-5572ConroeWard’s Farm and Garden Center17184 FM 3083 Road936-231-1184ConroeWoodlands Gardens16056 Bridlewood936-273-6667CoppellBlooming Colors Nursery Inc1701 E Belt Line Road972-393-8660Copperas CoveMain Street Nursery508 S Main Street254-547-4122Corpus ChristiAnnaville Nursery and Florist11225 Leopard Street361-241-3261Corpus ChristiFox Nursery5902 S Streetaples Street361-992-6928Corpus ChristiFox Tree and Landscape Nursery14333 Northwest Boulevard361-992-6928Corpus ChristiGill Landscape Nursery2810 Airline Road361-992-9674Corpus ChristiGill Landscape Nursery4441 S Alameda Street361-993-4795Corpus ChristiMacaw Village Nursery15605 S Padre Island Drive361-949-2100Corpus ChristiPolly’s Flowers and Herbs9804 Leopard Street361-241-8188Corpus ChristiSticky Things Cactus Nursery453 Haroldson Drive361-992-5462CorsicanaBobbie’s Bloomers191 Post Oak Drive903-872-1671CorsicanaPlant Habitat1709 W 2nd Ave903-872-1959CrockettWhiterock NurseriesRR 2 Box 226936-624-2173CrosbyCrosby Grass Farm Nursery1201 Krenek Road281-328-1990CrosbyKarrie’s Country Garden19600 FM 2100 Road281-328-1209CueroBulgerin Bros Nurseries Inc1050 N US Highway 183361-275-5683CueroBulgerin Bros Nurseries IncYoakum Highway361-275-5683CushingSunshine Flower Gardens8213 State Highway 204936-326-4971CypressBuds and Blossoms14120 Cypress North Houston Road281-469-3378CypressCreation Colors Wholesale14423 Huffmeister Road281-373-1906CypressCypress Groundcover-Grower17510 Lewis Drive281-373-5733DalhartGarden Patch711 S Highway 87806-244-7212DallasAmerican Garden Interiors1856 Royal Lane972-869-1136DallasBob’s Nursery11171 Harry Hines Boulevard469-522-0000DallasBracken Inc5600 W Lovers Lane #306214-352-1397DallasCalloway’s Nursery Inc7410 Greenville Ave214-363-0525DallasCircle G Nusery1300 California Crossing Road972-402-0019DallasDallas Historic Tree Coalition6415 Deloache Ave214-739-5886DallasDuffey and Duffey Landscape Service8239 Forest Lane972-234-1773DallasFoster’s Garden Center8112 S Hampton Road972-224-0131DallasGarden Shop4239 W Lovers Lane214-350-1549DallasGarden Shop Inc2320 N Central Expy214-824-9929DallasJim’s Tree Farm5501 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy972-980-0216DallasLake June Garden Center8634 Lake June Road214-391-4005DallasLakewood Garden Center6444 E Mockingbird Lane214-821-9680DallasMike’s Garden Center7227 S Westmoreland Road972-283-5600DallasMr Tree’s and Landscaping12610 Jupiter Road #1407214-887-6666DallasNicholson Hardie Nursery5060 W Lovers Lane214-357-4674DallasNicholson-Hardie Garden Center5725 W Lovers Lane214-357-4348DallasNorth Dallas Plant Sales10190 Forest Lane214-343-9083DallasNorth Dallas Plant Sales10900 Petal Street214-343-9083DallasNorth Haven Gardens7700 Northaven Road214-360-1556DallasPickerings305 Lakeridge Vlg214-349-1077DallasPlants and Planters8550 Plano Road214-340-1020DallasRedenta’s Garden2001 Skillman Street214-823-9421DallasRiverside Nursery2607 Walnut Hill Lane #210214-358-9833DallasRuibal’s Plants601 S Pearl Expy214-744-9100DallasSticks and Stones Garden Market5016 Miller Ave214-824-7277DallasStuart’s Nursery8152 Spring Valley Road214-570-1682DallasT H Garden Shop4515 Village Fair Drive214-374-8655DallasT Land6825 Park Lane214-368-7294DallasTexas Palm Trees and Plants7805 S R L Thornton Fwy214-327-9995DallasTobin Wholesale Nursery2118 California Crossing Road972-556-0684DallasUS Restaurant Properties11224 Inwood Road972-387-0038DallasVan Valkenburgh and Vogel Inc9923 Denton Drive214-351-0321DallasW W Tree Farms11641 Newberry Street972-243-5747DallasWeber Tree Farm3949 Wentwood Drive214-363-3851DallasY-C Nurseries Inc11524 Reeder Road972-241-0324DamonBrazos Bend Tree Farm23111 Farm 1462979-553-3441DaytonA and G Nursery881 County Road 6111936-258-2951DaytonJoe’s Green Thumb NurseryRR 4 Box 50J936-257-9065DaytonKenefick Nursery and Garden CenterRR 5 Box 535936-258-8637DaytonTrinity Valley Nurseries3641 FM 1960936-258-7436DE KalbAnglin Acres NurseryRR 4 Box 304903-667-2799DE LeonSult Systems Inc300 N Cato Street254-893-6259DE LeonWomack Nursery2551 State Highway 6254-893-6497DecaturRenshaw’s Seed and Greenhouse415 W Mill Street940-627-3453DecaturSand Hill Arcanum1506 County Road 4127940-626-4461Del ValleBig Trees13915 FM 812512-243-1573DenisonCedar Post Garden Center1073 Singletree Road903-786-3140DenisonTwin Oaks Landscape and Nursery2107 State Highway 691903-463-2205DentonCalloway’s Nursery Inc1601 Dallas Drive940-591-8865DentonFour Seasons Nursery3333 E University Drive940-566-2172DetroitBratcher’s Greenhouse and NurseryRR 1 Box 233903-982-5918DevineGreenland Nursery411 N Teel Drive830-665-2193DeweyvilleJones’ NurseryOld Highway 87409-746-9600DickinsonSunland Nursery402 FM 646 Road W281-337-1024DonnaHammar Green Houses VictoriaRR 1 Box 108W956-464-3152Dripping SpringsSunshine Landscape and Garden Center333 W Highway 290512-894-4655DublinTexas Outback Nursery430 N Patrick Street254-445-2311DublinTexas Outback Nursery515 S Patrick Street254-445-3885DumasGarden Center503 N Maddox Ave806-935-2894DumasTree Place6008 W Road I806-935-6179DuncanvilleCalloway’s Nursery Inc723 S Cockrell Hill Road972-283-8022DuncanvilleGreen Garden Nursery Co110 Azalea Lane972-298-4671Eagle PassHenry’s Nursery1795 Loop 3443830-773-0615Eagle PassToteles Nursery and Cmptr Store2421 El Indio Highway830-757-1802EarlyOwen’s Organics9705 Highway 183 N325-641-2814EastlandB and J Garden1306 S Seaman Street254-629-2961EdgewoodBruce Miller Nursery RetailHighway 19 N903-896-1905EdgewoodLandmark NurseriesFM Road 1395903-896-1196EdinburgFreeway Nursery and Produce3 1/2 N Highway 281956-381-6588EdinburgMini Paradise Nursery513 E Cano Street956-316-2385EdinburgPalmas Del Valle1 Block S on 907 From 107956-383-6948EdinburgPalmas Del Valle Nursery3911 N US Highway 281956-287-8982El CampoForever Green Nursery2510 N Mechanic Street979-543-1318El CampoGreenleaf NurseryHC 62 Box 73979-543-6083El CampoHernandez Nursery1004 W Loop Street979-543-6327El PasoCaby’s Landscape Garden Center4601 Hondo Pass Drive915-755-5661El PasoDesertland Nursery and Pottery11306 Gateway Boulevard E915-858-1130El PasoLA Maceta Garden Center11410 Montana Ave915-855-4444El PasoPalma’s Nursery1111 Joe Battle Boulevard915-860-1900El PasoPlantation Discount8423 North Loop Drive915-591-3333El PasoPlantation Discount Nursery105 Lindbergh Ave915-584-0433El PasoPlantation Nursery105 Lambert915-585-1131El PasoRicky’s Nursery1773 Pali Drive915-855-7474ElginBloomers Garden Center507 N Highway 95512-281-2020ElginDavis Plant Farm Inc607 Upper Elgin River Road512-281-4993EmoryLsb Nurseries545 N Texas Street903-473-4010EulessPremier Nurseries1501 Airport Fwy #A817-540-0657EustaceTrinity Tree Farms3830 FM 316 N903-425-6857FairfieldKraus Farms235 County Road 501903-389-4396Flower MoundBlack Eyed Susan’s Inc810 Parker Sq972-899-8888Flower MoundHuggins Nursery and Plant Center1616 Arrowhead Drive972-539-4011Flower MoundVignette’s Homes and Gardens Inc870 Parker Sq972-355-0285FloydadaSimpson’s TreesFM 37806-983-3456FollettLone Star 1 Nursery Complex17095 FM 3004806-653-2255ForneyHomesley Nursery and Landscape707 W FM 688 Road972-564-1426Fort DavisRebloom Design200 N Buckeye432-426-3236Fort StocktonSiegmunds Trans Pecos Plants804 N Sycamore Street #B432-336-5998Fort WorthA J Southwest Nursery4309 Village Creek Road817-531-1211Fort WorthArchie’s Gardenland6700 Camp Bowie Boulevard817-737-6614Fort WorthBaccus Landscape Co8201 Anglin Drive817-483-4791Fort WorthBoonesville Nursery6616 Armando Ave817-423-1234Fort WorthBuzzy’s Nursery8326 Randol Mill Road817-461-2330Fort WorthCalloway’s Nursery Inc2651 Hulen Street817-923-9979Fort WorthCalloway’s Nursery Inc4200 Airport Fwy #200817-222-1122Fort WorthCalloway’s Nursery Inc994 Highway 183817-246-5432Fort WorthCalloway’s Nursery of Texas4200 Airport Fwy #200817-222-1122Fort WorthCasa Verde Landscaping2720 Horne Street817-737-7843Fort WorthDesigns in Nature5313 Mosson Road817-561-9248Fort WorthEclipse Gardens3705 Linden Ave817-732-2387Fort WorthGarden Guru14096 Highway 377 S817-443-0242Fort WorthHome To Garden3986 W Vickery Boulevard817-377-0318Fort WorthMetro Maples4890 Dick Price Road817-446-7652Fort WorthPlantus Nursery7729 Highway 80 W817-244-2250Fort WorthSilverleaf Tree Service5901 Circular Drive817-821-6526Fort WorthTherrell’s Family Garden Center2505 Hemphill Street817-924-3903Fort WorthTropical Greenery Inc7421 Grapevine Highway817-485-2100Fort WorthWeston Gardens in Bloom Inc8101 Anglin Drive817-572-0549Fort WorthWoodcrest3113 S University Drive #600817-927-0050FredericksburgDodds Family Tree Nursery515 W Main Street830-997-9571FreeportOyster Creek Garden Center Inc2301 FM 523 Road979-239-2833FriendswoodAll Seasons Garden Center205 N Friendswood Drive281-482-2850FriendswoodFriendswood Garden Center907 S Friendswood Drive281-482-7322FriendswoodStatewide Tree Service3508 E FM 528 Road713-528-3643FriscoCottonwood Creek Fence9450 FM 423972-335-2988FriscoFannin Tree Farms15700 State Highway 121972-747-9159FriscoTX Seasons Nursery6447 Preston Road972-335-9446GainesvilleLandscape Supply501 N Interstate 35940-665-6255GainesvilleScott Street Lawn and Garden819 E Scott Street940-665-8968GainesvilleTyler’s Natural Garden2150 Harris Street940-612-0600GalvestonJunior’s Garden2315 45th Street409-762-4557GalvestonTom’s Thumb Nursery and Landscapingg2014 45th Street409-763-4713GarlandMonday Landscape Nursery4022 Broadway Boulevard972-240-2606GarlandTri N Design Inc902 N 1st Street972-272-6933GarlandWhitetail Nurseries226 W Centerville Road972-278-9382GeorgetownFlower Patch601 River Bend Drive512-869-2678GeorgetownGabriel Valley Farms440 Old State Highway 29 E512-930-0923GeorgetownGardeners Paradise3600 Williams Drive512-869-2985GeorgetownJoss GrowersRR 3 Box 1306512-930-4746GeorgetownMc Intire’s Garden Center303 Leander Road512-863-8243GiddingsColor Star Growers1180 Private Road 2906979-542-1165GoldthwaiteCockrell’s Riverside NurseryRR 2 Box 76325-938-5575GoliadEula’s Plants and More3364 US Highway 59 N361-645-2490GonzalesGreen Acres Nursery Inc1590 State Highway 97 E830-672-3277GonzalesNatures Garden2100 Water Street830-672-4695GrahamB and J Garden1007 Loving Highway940-549-1666GranburyLewis Unlimited5111 Tin Top Highway817-279-7936Grand PrairieCentral Garden and Pet Supply957 Heinz Way972-466-0069Grand PrairieExcel Garden Products957 Heinz Way972-660-2999Grand PrairieRose Petal515 E Main Street972-262-5253Grand SalineB and D Tree Co7767 FM 17903-962-7733Grand SalineCircle G Nursery5883 Vecr 1507903-963-5255Grand SalineKimbrew-Walter Roses2001 Vz County Road 1219903-829-2968Grand SalineLee Tree Farm and Nursery5837 FM 857903-962-4018Grand SalineSilver Lake Plant Farm and Garden724 FM 1255903-569-2301Grand SalineTru Liner Nursery Co161 Vz County Road 1829903-962-3526GrapelandPk’s GardenRR 4 Box 4552936-687-2493GrapevineBlooming Colors Nursery2221 Ira E Woods Ave817-416-6669GrapevineCalloway’s Nursery Inc3525 William D Tate Ave817-421-6667GrapevineGreen Oaks Tree Farm and Nursery1755 W Southlake Boulevard817-488-0851GreenvilleGarden Center4701 Stonewall Street903-454-6654GreenvilleSteve’s Nursery4386 State Highway 34 S903-883-2911GroesbeckContreras Wholesale Nursery608 Parkside Drive254-729-5535GrovesGreen Glen Nursery5849 25th Street409-962-2135GrovesRomero’s Nursery5248 Twin City Highway409-960-6240Gun Barrel CityOutdoor Indoor Decor231 W Main Street903-887-2326GustineNatural Garden Organics20760 Highway 36254-386-3204HallettsvilleJo’s Green Hut and Nursery1898 US Highway 90A W361-798-2209HallettsvilleTexas Champion Live Oak1267 County Road 134361-798-5934HamiltonClutter’s Country Dream1682 FM 2005972-240-6237Harker HeightsGreen Leaf Nursery Co401 W Central TX Expy254-699-4600HarlingenGiant Leaf Greenhouses24716 Bass Boulevard956-428-4133HarlingenGrimsell Seed Co213 E Monroe Ave956-423-0370HasletFoltz and Son1204 Highway 156817-439-0055HawkinsGandy Nursery1 E State Highway 154903-857-2475HelotesHill Country Emprorium12589 Old Bandera Road210-695-5240HempsteadBlue Bonnett Herb Farms Inc2105 13th Street979-826-4290HempsteadHall’s Tree Service1422 22nd Street979-826-2747HempsteadYucca DO Nursery Inc20559 FM 359 Road979-826-4580HendersonFlying V Greenhouse15711 County Road 4255 S903-854-4517HendersonJordan’s Plant Farm7523 State Highway 42 S903-854-4422HendersonMonica’s Plant FarmCounty Road 4418903-854-4646HerefordAnderson’s Hereford GreenhouseUS Highway 60 & Lee Ave806-344-5050HerefordLone Star Home and Garden1302 W Park Ave806-364-3300HewittBarrera Landscaping and Supply201 Sun Valley Boulevard254-666-9806HondoHwy 90 Nursery Inc2260 Highway 90 E830-741-3344HondoLynne’s Plants and Designs577 State Highway 173 N830-426-5971HoustonAddicks Tree World410 Highway 6 S281-493-5778HoustonAmerican Landscapers Supply14122 Old Katy Road281-759-3265HoustonAnother Place in Time421 W 11th Street713-864-9717HoustonB and L Nursery11519 N Garden Street713-772-9917HoustonBackyard Gardener5117 N Main Street713-880-8004HoustonBayou Gardens Wholesale Nursery6350 Skyline Drive713-266-8842HoustonBella Flora111 Heights Boulevard713-426-5556HoustonBrookwood Community8603 Westheimer Road713-782-7757HoustonBuchanan’s Native Plants611 E 11th Street713-861-5702HoustonCactus King7900 North Fwy281-591-8833HoustonCandy’s Garden Center5417 Anderson Road713-434-0552HoustonClearlake Wholesale Nursery9104 Galveston Road713-947-2020HoustonCohen Landscaping and Nursery9426 W Bellfort Street713-272-6161HoustonCondon Gardens Landscape Archs7706 Hammerly Boulevard713-782-3992HoustonCornelius Nurseries Inc1200 Dairy Ashford Street281-493-0550HoustonCornelius Nurseries Inc1755 FM 1960 Road W281-444-1210HoustonCornelius Nurseries Inc2233 S Voss Road713-782-8640HoustonCovington Nursery and Garden Center1905 Bingle Road713-468-5596HoustonDecorative Plants2920 S Dairy Ashford Street281-558-1500HoustonDeleon Plants13510 Aldine Westfield Road281-987-1434HoustonDiscount Nursery11249 Fuqua Street713-943-8292HoustonDixie Water Co7320 Ashcroft Drive713-777-6159HoustonGarden Expo Inc1221 W 20th Street713-861-5100HoustonGibson’s Landscape1713 Ojeman Road713-467-1794HoustonGordon Atkins Landscaping7235 Jackrabbit Road281-855-6227HoustonGreen Acres Nursery1822 Tidwell Lane713-694-6781HoustonGreen Shower Nursery and Trading9909 Harwin Drive #O713-975-7375HoustonHouston Garden Center10815 FM 1960 Road W281-897-0882HoustonHouston Garden Center10939 Katy Fwy713-973-1478HoustonHouston Garden Center1700 West Loop N713-426-3030HoustonHouston Garden Center2811 Airline Drive713-869-9505HoustonHouston Garden Center3600 N Beltway 8281-487-4830HoustonHouston Garden Center6072 Highway 6 N281-463-8815HoustonHouston Plants and Garden16726 North Fwy281-443-0962HoustonHuntsville Gardens Inc2201 Connorvale Road281-449-2258HoustonJjl Greenhouse Inc1449 Brittmoore Road713-465-3939HoustonJoshua’s Native Plants Garden504 W 18th Street713-862-7444HoustonJrn Nursery4809 Breen Drive281-448-6107HoustonKingway Garden Center8003 C E King Pkwy281-459-1176HoustonLandmark Nurseries Inc13103 Old Richmond Road281-495-1820HoustonMaurer Landscape13911 Ambrose Street713-433-7626HoustonMayard Nursery Co6802 Mayard Road713-461-6811HoustonNational Shade7444 Getty Road281-445-8733HoustonNature Helpers912 W 11th Street713-869-8245HoustonNewton Nursery Adm Office846 W 27th Street713-868-3006HoustonRcw Nurseries Inc15809 State Highway 249281-440-5161HoustonRobert Taylor Nursery8809 Homestead Road713-635-8525HoustonRuby’s Nursery1903 Blodgett Street713-520-7430HoustonSantos’ Tree Service11935 Alief Place Drive281-498-6682HoustonShades of Texas2618 Genoa Red Bluff Road281-991-8733HoustonSouth Texas Palm Trees Inc2215 Mckinney Street713-863-8899HoustonSouthern Color Inc3800 Greenhouse Road281-579-7731HoustonSunset Nursery11718 Jones Road281-890-4013HoustonTeas Nursery Co Inc10815 FM 1960 Road W281-955-0959HoustonThompson and Hanson Nursery3600 W Alabama Street713-622-6973HoustonTop Quality Plant Co955 Fallbrook Drive281-875-8004HoustonTrees and Plants9650 Cypresswood Drive281-955-0156HoustonTreesearch Farms Inc7625 Alabonson Road713-937-9811HoustonWolfe Nursery400 Memorial City Way713-984-5680HoustonWolfe Nursery9570 Southwest Fwy713-778-3680HoustonYellow Rose of Texas3201 Nottingham Street713-661-3756HoweTwo Creeks2235 Old Scoggins Road903-868-9641HubbardGarden Shoppe1100 State Highway 171254-576-1888HuffmanTexas Trees3219 Huffman Eastgate Road281-324-2417HumbleHouston Garden Center5502 FM 1960 Road E281-812-4840HuntsvilleColor Spot Nurseries Inc16 Wire Road936-291-8411HuntsvilleJ and S Plants2001 11th Street936-291-6371HuntsvillePlant Environment1809 Normal Park Drive936-291-0542HuntsvillePrairie Tree Farm1834 State Highway 75 N936-438-8882HuntsvilleStewarts’s Garden Center Inc194 Interstate 45 S936-295-5282HurstCalloway’s Nursery Inc760 Grapevine Highway817-581-6361HuttoDirt and Roses295 County Road 138512-252-7277IdalouHurst Nursery and Floral806 Frontage Road806-892-3188IdalouUpsey and Daisy Forest and Nursery806 Frontage Road806-892-3188IrvingCalloway’s Nursery Inc4033 W Airport Fwy972-258-1312IrvingChambers Nursery Garden Center3307 W Shady Grove Road972-986-5903IrvingDoan’s Nursery Inc622 S Belt Line Road972-790-3500IrvingGibson Garden Center500 N O Connor Road972-254-3989JacksboroJacksboro Garden Center124 S Main Street940-567-6699JacksonvilleJones Plant FarmRR 2 Box 374903-726-3564JacksonvilleTraylor’s Plant KareRR 1903-586-8702JasperIvy Nursery Inc2202 W Houston Street409-384-9077JasperJasper Plant FarmRR 5 Box 308B409-384-2005JasperPickle’s345 Curtis Street409-384-2681JeffersonShimic’s Garden CenterRR 4 Box 1128903-755-2295KatyAlpine Tree and Shrubs21828 Franz Road281-578-0627KatyAshley Gardens Nursery21915 Kingsland Boulevard281-392-1025KatyHouston Garden Center525 S Grand Pkwy281-395-1900KatyHouston Plants and Garden World20415 Katy Fwy281-579-9588KatyShawnee Trees3330 Schlipf Road281-391-1835KatySouth Texas Tree Sales Inc19 Hollingers Is281-395-6844KatyTyler Trees and Nursery Inc20120 Franz Road281-579-1558KaufmanFrog Hollow Nursery10373 County Road 104972-962-5962KellerFlower Ranch901 S Pearson Lane817-431-3830KellerM J Farm and Nursery2499 Union Church Road817-431-5915KellerSutton’s Sod and Nursery1823 Keller Pkwy817-431-9490KempPine Valley Enterprises18251 Shore Drive903-498-5823KempSticks and Stones Garden620 N Tool Drive903-432-1801KenedyShirley Lynn Nursery548 State Highway 239830-583-3151KermitKalico West Nursery100 W Waco Street432-586-6730KerrvilleNatives of Texas6520 Medina Highway830-896-2169KerrvillePlant Haus II528 Jefferson Street830-792-4444KerrvilleSouth Texas Plantland1421 Junction Highway #A830-896-9337KerrvilleTanneberger’s Nursery2102 Memorial Boulevard830-896-4094KerrvilleTurtle Creek Sod Farm540 Center Point River Road830-792-8873KilgoreOsburn Texas Gardens2713 S Henderson Boulevard903-983-3583KingwoodCustom Landscaping and Design29201 Loop 494281-359-5660KingwoodKings Garden29201 Loop 494281-359-5550KountzeBilinda’s Plant Ranch11243 Highway 326 N409-287-3760KyleA’s Quality Trees210 Goforth Road512-268-2176LA GrangeBridge Valley Nursery427 W Travis Street979-968-6093LA PorteFriend Farms9716 N Avenue P281-471-2570LA PorteJones Nursery1320 W Tyler Street281-471-3499Lake JacksonGarden of Eden Nursery3333 W Highway 332979-798-8416LakewaySunshine Landscape and Garden2002 Ranch Road 620 S512-263-5275LamesaGerry’s Greenhouse905 N Lynn Ave806-872-8660LampasasCottage Gardens Farms/Nursery164 County Road 3795512-768-3826LampasasHickory Hill Herbs and Antique307 W Avenue E512-556-8801LampasasNorma’s Nursery and Garden Center805 N Ridge Street512-556-8082LampasasPiddler Creek Nursery and Garden1201 Central Texas Expy512-556-6800LancasterNelly’s Tree Co212 S Interstate 35 E972-230-3955LancasterTrees ‘R’ US Arborilogical Service3427 Linkwood Drive214-692-8733LaredoG and G Garden Center802 Market Street956-712-9994LaredoGreen Acres Nursery2602 Willow Street956-722-5761LaredoQueen’s Garden Nursery2702 S Zapata Highway956-712-3732LaredoYardart Nursery1400 Lowry Road956-724-2640LaredoYardart Nursery2517 E Del Mar Boulevard956-726-3796LasaraK-Mix Inc1/4 Mile N Salt Line Road956-642-3680League CityButler’s Pond and Water Garden806 Highway 3 S281-332-0602LevellandBriggs Gardens and Pest Control111 1st Street806-894-3824LewisvilleCalloway’s Nursery Inc423 E Round Grove Road972-315-3133LexingtonTanglewood PlantsRR 2 Box 694A512-446-2268Liberty HillFlowerscapes Garden CenterRR 1869 Box 2450512-515-5549LindaleCycle of Seasons400 N Main Street903-882-8477LindaleDavis Carroll Roses USA Inc1625 S Main Street903-882-3111LindaleNeal Nursery2561 S Main Street903-882-8688LindaleR and T Quality Nursery19122 US Highway 69 N903-881-0600LindaleTrees USAFM 849903-882-8675LindaleTyler Rose NurseryJim Hogg Road903-882-5128LittlefieldMacha Garden and Supply728 E 12th Street806-385-3870LivingstonLone Oak Daylily GardensRR 4 Box 631936-685-4698LockhartBackyard Nursery Bertram’s735 S Colorado Street512-376-9959LongviewCarruth Grass137 Gilmer Road903-236-7657LongviewCarruth Nursery Irrigation137 Gilmer Road903-236-7555LongviewColes and Coles616 George Richey Road903-759-1993LongviewHutto’s East 80 Garden Center4196 E US Highway 80903-757-6394LongviewNew Orleans Gardens2100 Judson Road903-753-0107LongviewSmotherman’s Scenery1122 W Marshall Ave903-753-4290Los FresnosRiver’s End NurseryTed Hunt Road956-233-4792LubbockCaprock Growers19108 FM 1730806-863-3822LubbockEarth Wind and Water115 SE Loop 289806-748-9151LubbockFamily Tree Nursery and Tree Frm10012 Quaker Ave806-794-2601LubbockGarden Patch1311 Alcove Ave806-793-0982LubbockHolland Gardens3739 50th Street806-792-6336LubbockLittle Red Riding Hood Nursery4006 34th Street806-795-4834LubbockMary Lee Gardens6702 82nd Street806-798-1444LubbockSparkman’s Nursery11109 FM 1730806-794-3614LubbockT G Trees118 Frankford Ave806-794-6766LubbockTeague Landscaping and Irrigation1203 Alcove Ave806-795-6980LufkinHudson NurseryHighway 94 W936-875-2884LufkinLufkin Farm Supply and Nursery1217 E Lufkin Ave936-634-7414LufkinTimberland Nursery2202 N Timberland Drive936-639-2277LumbertonParadise Plants Plus2801 Highway 69 S409-755-1610LumbertonPik-A-Plant11935 Highway 96 S409-755-3331LytleGuillen Gardens18485 Ih 35 S830-709-0303MabankGarden Express13864 County Road 4016903-887-8483MabankGroom Discount Nursery302 S 3rd Street903-887-8561MagnoliaMagnolia Garden Center37217 FM 1774 Road281-259-8610MagnoliaMagnolia Gardens Nursery18810 Turtle Creek Lane281-356-1213MagnoliaSunshine Plus5145 FM 1488 Road281-356-7466MansfieldBedding Plants Etc2064 Highway 1187817-473-1692MansfieldMansfield Nursery801A N Main Street817-473-1514ManvelTrees of Manvel20351 Highway 6281-489-9444Marble FallsHernandez Nursery2300 County Road 403830-798-0972Marble FallsPlanter Box103 S US Highway 281830-693-6191Marble FallsTropical Foliage103 S US Highway 281830-798-0661MariettaPines Garden CenterHighway 77903-835-2901MarlinZ’s Greenhouse IncHighway 6254-803-6554MaxwellTangram Premier Nursery5315 Tangram Nursery Road512-396-0667Mc AllenGrand Oak Junction Garden6001 N 10th Street956-631-6670Mc AllenValley Garden Center701 E US Highway 83956-682-9411Mc AllenVictoria’s Nursery2153 El Rancho Ave956-687-8463Mc AllenViktoria’s Nursery402 N 12th Street956-687-8463Mc GregorHarris Creek FarmsChurch Road254-848-5285Mc KinneyBob’s Treeland1208 Sharp Road972-569-7655Mc KinneyBurch Nursery3404 E University Drive972-542-6276Mc KinneyCalloway’s Nursery Inc4050 Eldorado Pkwy972-540-0707Mc KinneyKlein Nursery660 Farms Road #1827972-542-3977Mc KinneyTrinity Tree Farms4402 W University Drive469-742-0600Mc LeanRobert Bruce NurseryLefors Rt806-779-3178MertzonMade in the Shade208 Broadway325-835-2050MesquiteCalloway’s Nursery Inc4220 N Galloway Ave972-686-0048MesquiteSunday Nursery and Landscape2049 S Belt Line Road #A972-285-4122MesquiteSunnyvale Organic Garden Center613 US Highway 80 E972-226-0844MexiaEagle Mountain Tree Farm1025 S Belknap Street254-562-7929MexiaMexia Nursery and Tree Farm767 FM 1366254-562-7816MexiaPicket Fence Nursery790 FM 1633254-472-0801MidlandDeshaws Landscaping3103 Mark Lane432-682-2518MidlandGarden View Greenhouses7112 W Highway 80432-563-2684MidlandLA Casa Verde Nursery Inc2615 N Midland Drive432-520-2144MidlandLanham’s Nursery and Landscape1402 N Loop 250 W432-697-3345MidlandMidland Concrete Creations5101 E Highway 80432-682-7931MidlandOasis Garden Center500 Business 20432-684-8163MidlothianHernandez Tree Nursery810 E Highway 287972-723-9466MineolaGray’s Farm and Ranch Supply5685 S State Highway 37903-569-9029Mineral WellsDavid’s Nursery Inc5393 US Highway 281940-325-8904MissionBreezy’s Nursery4205 Sno Bird Lane956-580-3464MissionWagon Trail Nursery3 1/2 N Conway956-585-8158Missouri CityHouston Garden Center7225 Highway 6281-499-8488MontgomeryBurton, Larry K18451 Kinkaid Road E936-597-6107MontgomeryEl Kay Farms and Nursery18451 Kinkaid Road E936-597-6107MontgomeryFlores Produce and Nursery160 Eva Street936-597-5070MontgomeryGardner Nursery15943 Highway 105 W936-588-3390MontgomeryGardner Nursery407 N Liberty936-597-4004MontgomeryLake Conroe Nursery Inc19197 Highway 105 W936-588-4545MontgomeryNumber 1 Nursery Tree Farm15973 Rabon Chapel Road936-588-2508MontgomeryPalm Tree Plantation Garden Shoppe21947 Streetillwater Boulevard936-597-6532MontgomeryScott’s Tree Farm3706 Honea Egypt Road936-588-0098MT EnterpriseBlair’s Plant FarmRR 2 Box 191903-863-5514MT PleasantCalvert’s Garden Center807 W 16th Street903-572-7414MT VernonFour Seasons Nursery and Landscaping604 Interstate 30 N903-537-4744MT VernonGarden Center201 Interstate 30 W #A903-588-2454MT VernonPurley GardensRR 2 Box 419K903-588-2540MuleshoeShafer Nursery623 W American Boulevard806-272-5802MurphyClassic Gardens and Landscape Co401 W FM 544972-424-9929NacogdochesDon’s Plants614 NE Streetallings Drive936-569-9323NavasotaJ and L Bluebonnet Plantation17500 Highway 6936-825-4140NederlandCook’s Nursery and Landscaping1424 Nederland Ave409-724-2665NederlandSpell Nursery1200 S 27th Street409-724-2128NederlandWatkins Plant Farm615 S Highway 69409-726-8628NeedvilleDavis Nursery15511 Highway 36979-793-5155NeedvilleFairchild Growers9806 Old Needville Fairchld Road979-793-5005NeedvilleVintage Rosery16630 Highway 36979-793-2888NevadaLoves Farm and Nursery5818 Copeville West Road972-843-6303New BostonRhoades Nursery505 S Elm Street903-628-2366New BraunfelsAl’s Gardens125 S Business Ih 35830-627-0820New BraunfelsGruene Gardens1632 Hunter Road830-625-8816New BraunfelsOtto M Locke Nursery2515 W San Antonio Street830-608-9160New BraunfelsSchumacher’s Hill Country Garden588 FM 1863830-620-5149New BraunfelsThai-T Nursery1403 S State Highway 46830-625-4685New CaneyLilley’s Garden SupplyRR 4 Box 1450281-689-1000New CaneyNortheast Garden Center22696 Oakley Road281-354-6342New SummerfieldBarron’s NurseryE Highway 79903-726-3680New SummerfieldSanchez Plant FarmRR 5 Box 310903-726-3604New WaverlyBuckner Flowers83 Buckner Road #B936-344-6847New WaverlyFour Seasons Tree FarmRR 1 Box 3286936-344-2217OdessaA Yard Dog Inc4400 NE Loop 338 #R432-366-8686OdessaDown To Earth622 Dale Street432-582-2555OdessaFish and FunN Lakewood Ave & W Westview Drive432-530-2410OdessaHurt Inc700 Roosevelt Ave432-332-0801OrangeAnna’s Palm and Tree Farm2923 Kathleen Street409-883-3792OrangeChristmas Tree Farm Adventure374 Private Road 8115409-746-3615OrangeChristmas Tree Farm Adventure8115 Highway 87 N409-746-3615OrangeDoan Nursery19024 Highway 62 S409-735-8004OrangeErica’s Nursery4501 Winfree Road409-735-3319OrangeJ and S Tropicals Orchids10612 Highway 87 N409-746-2505OrangeJoshua Tree Nursery5565 W Roundbunch Road409-738-2070PalestineMrs J’s Plants and FlowersAn County Road 461903-549-3459PalestinePalestine Garden Center1919 Crockett Road903-723-5200PalestinePalestine Nursery of Old Town310 1/2 E Crawford Street903-723-3700PalestineRobertson Feed Store and NurseryRusk Highway903-723-8717PalestineRobertson Nursery and Gift Shop2522 E US Highway 84903-723-5080PantegoEnchanted Image Nursery2887 W Pioneer Pkwy #A817-261-2271ParadiseParadise Plants1825 County Road 3451940-433-5912ParisBluebonnet GardensRR 4 Box 31A903-785-8175ParisJ and L Tree ServiceCounty Road 35950903-732-9160ParisMulberry Creek Nursery4645 Lamar Ave903-784-0146ParisTreescapes Nursery and Landscape4655 Pine Mill Road903-739-8733PasadenaAll Seasons Nursery4901 Vista Road281-487-8733PasadenaCongo Nursery2018 Streetrawberry Road713-472-7408PasadenaCypress Gardens3119 Lily Street281-487-0185PasadenaPasadena Greenhouse5329 Spencer Highway281-991-7799PasadenaRobertson’s Nursery2905 Pasadena Boulevard713-473-1333PearlandTreehouse Farms2015 Woody Road281-485-5507PecosBryans Nursery1408 S Johnson Street432-447-9037PflugervilleGaddy’s Feed Hardware and Garden403 FM 685512-251-4428PharrCnr Garden and Gift Shop2008 N Jackson Road956-631-1664PinehurstRainforest Tree Farm35335 State Highway 249281-356-4890PinelandPiney Woods NurseryRR 1 Box 14409-584-2732Pipe CreekMartin Plant FarmHC 1 Box 1623830-535-4790PittsburgParadise Garden and Landscaping2516 US Highway 271 N903-856-3785PlanoCalloway’s Nursery Inc1000 Preston Road972-964-3084PlanoCalloway’s Nursery Inc1621 Custer Road972-596-5211PlanoGarrison Gardens Inc1817 K Ave972-424-7568PlanoHogan Nursery and Landscape Supl3104 S Rigsbee Drive972-424-4662PlanoNature’s Garden812 18th Street972-881-8265PleasantonAnnie’s Magic Garden18 Sunrise Drive210-626-3158Port AransasStarrett’s Nursery115 Beachwalk Lane361-749-4081Port ArthurD and R Garden Center1248 9th Ave409-985-4416Port ArthurGarden Depot7800 Brazos Ave409-721-9462Port BolivarCrystal Beach Plant Farm2130 Highway 87409-684-2311Port LavacaBobby Lane Nursery95 Bobby Lane361-553-6479ProsperBruce Miller Nursery301 County Road 4972-346-2760ProsperY C Nursery Prosper1530 Highway 380 W972-346-3750QuemadoGarcia’s Nursery442 Commercial830-757-0859QuinlanAnderton Grass3315 County Road 2546903-356-2519QuitmanC and R Garden Center3115 N FM 14903-967-2592QuitmanGarden Valley Farm and Garden1411 N State Highway 37903-967-2212Red OakLindsey’s Landscape Design Center3502 Highway 77 N972-617-9717Red OakMaya’s Landscaping and Nursery134 Rocky Ridge Road972-576-0879Red OakSagebrush Nursery1908 S Hampton Road972-223-8284RichardsonBruce Miller Nursery1000 E Belt Line Road972-238-0204RichardsonCalloway’s Nursery Inc2100 N Plano Road972-644-0144RichardsonTwigs Organic Gardens504 Hyde Park Drive214-265-8944RichmondArborgreen4401 FM 359 Road281-342-7726RichmondBill Bownds Nurseries Inc10519 FM 1464 Road281-277-2033Rio Grande CityPerez Greens410 N Fairgrounds Road956-487-3016Rio Grande CityRubi’s Garden1607 W Main Street956-716-8225Rio Grande CityWest Point Nursery and Landscaping1110 W Main Street956-487-2614RockportGardens and Gifts612 S Church Street361-729-5001RockwallTropical John’s Garden Shop302 Williams Street972-771-2449RosenbergCaldwell Nursery2504 Band Road281-342-4016RosharonTexas Palms5725 County Road 121713-410-1331Round RockLandmark Nurseries1510 Royston Lane512-251-9238Round RockRound Rock Gardens901 Sam Bass Road512-255-0025Round RockWild About Trees202 N Streetone Street512-736-4013SachseSmitty’s Garden Center2002 Ponderosa Triangle972-414-4030SaladoGardens of the Sun152 Blackberry Road254-947-0416SaladoSalado Landscape and IrrigationRoute 4254-947-3406San AngeloBurney’s Tree Service704 E 19th Street325-653-3110San AngeloM and R Nursery1601 W Beauregard Ave325-653-3341San AngeloMagic Farms Greenhouses7678 S Country Club Road325-944-0617San AntonioA Fine Nursery and Landscape Co23606 Trumbo Road210-626-0146San AntonioAntique Rose Emporium7561 E Evans Road210-651-4565San AntonioAztec Gardens4459 Pleasanton Road210-924-0204San AntonioB and J Tree Sales24449 Brownleaf Drive210-626-5230San AntonioBexar County Master Gardeners3355 Cherry Ridge Street #208210-281-1478San AntonioC J Enterprises3540 Copeland210-270-8551San AntonioCactus Marty114 Amador Drive210-655-5657San AntonioCalloway’s Nursery Inc3700 Broadway Street210-822-7311San AntonioCalloway’s Nursery Inc6214 NW Loop 410210-681-5813San AntonioCalloway’s Nursery Inc6714 S Flores Street210-922-4321San AntonioCalloway’s Nursery Inc9455 W Ih 10210-641-7559San AntonioCarrasco’s Nursery5247 Old Pearsall Road210-623-1276San AntonioD and R Tree Care Co6500 Grissom Road210-684-4806San AntonioDrc Home and Garden Materials9658 US Highway 181 N210-635-0000San AntonioFanick’s Garden Center1025 Holmgreen Road210-648-1303San AntonioFiesta Nursery10585 Shaenfield Road210-688-3320San AntonioGarden Center10682 Bandera Road210-647-7900San AntonioGary’s Greenhouse11317 W Loop 1604 S210-622-3344San AntonioGreen House on Wheels26256 US Highway 281 N830-980-8692San AntonioGreen’s Nursery10076 S Zarzamora Street210-628-6050San AntonioGrove1319 Austin Highway210-822-6298San AntonioLandscape Center13627 San Pedro Ave210-494-0703San AntonioLandscape Marketplace Inc1031 Austin Highway210-822-1335San AntonioLawns of Beauty Inc9444 Bandera Road210-684-2110San AntonioLiving Earth Technology25651 Indian Summer210-481-2898San AntonioMilberger Nursery3920 N Loop 1604 E210-495-3259San AntonioMoyer Tree Farm9658 FM 1863210-558-7280San AntonioOak Island Gardens19120 State Highway 16 S210-624-3800San AntonioPhil’s Nursery11040 S Zarzamora Street210-628-1037San AntonioProgressive Landscape Inc26256 US Highway 281 N830-980-8692San AntonioRainbow Gardens12823 Nacogdoches Road210-653-7655San AntonioRainbow Gardens2585 Thousand Oaks Drive210-494-6131San AntonioRainbow Gardens8516 Bandera Road210-680-2394San AntonioShades of Green334 W Sunset Road210-824-3772San AntonioTapia Tree Sales10635 W Loop 1604 S210-622-3936San AntonioTerry’s Country Gardens3396 Rabel Road210-627-2101San AntonioVernon’s Nursery Inc225 Faith Drive210-433-9131San AntonioWhere Wild Things Grow23966 W Ih 10210-698-4372San AntonioWolfe Nursery7007 San Pedro Ave210-342-8291San BenitoMy Nursery2178 W US Highway 77956-361-0035San BenitoSunshine Garden Center1826 W 77 Sunshine Streetrip956-276-0444San MarcosEllie’s Green House5013 Airport Highway 21512-392-0507San MarcosGarden Ville of San Marcos2212 Ranch Road 12512-754-0060San MarcosMadrone Nursery2318 Hilliard Road512-353-3944SchertzMortellaro’s Nursery Inc16946 Ih 35 N210-655-2192SchertzPauls Desert200 Schertz Pkwy210-658-7561SchulenburgBucek Tree Farm102 Kessler Ave #A979-743-6502SchulenburgGarden Co217 Kessler Ave979-743-4648SchulenburgRipper’s Garden Center2618 FM 1579979-561-8420SeabrookBay Area Trees and Landscape2702 Red Bluff Road281-474-3722SeabrookMaas 2nd Street Nursery1717 2nd Street281-474-4974SeabrookMaas Nursery and Landscaping5511 Todville Road281-474-2488SealyBushy Tree Nursery1508 Atchison Street979-885-6719SeguinGreen Gate990 S Highway 123 Byp830-401-4986SeguinMaldonado Nursery Landscaping3011 W US Highway 90830-303-0023SeguinMil-Tex Nursery420 Miltex Road830-379-7337SeguinNorthside Gardens637 Streetrempel Street830-379-8686SeguinVogel’s Tannenbaum Farms500 Tannenbaum Lane830-372-4335ShermanGardenland Nursery810 N Frisco Road903-868-1938ShermanKirby’s NurseryRR 4 Box 45090903-893-7202ShermanOakley Nursery1706 FM 697903-892-8816ShinerJanak Nursery and Landscaping3140 Highway 90A361-798-3092SilsbeeBetty’s Bloomers Nursery6776 FM 418409-385-4892SilsbeeMc Lendon Ent Nursery9865 E Lakey Drive409-386-2445SimmsFreeman’s Nurseries IncRR 2 Box 100903-543-2293SintonSan Rafael NurseryCounty Road 44 B361-364-0438SmithvilleGarden Gate591 Loop 230 W512-237-2010SnyderGwen’s Greenhouse129 N US Highway 84325-573-5153SnyderSnyder Nursery3706 Shady Oaks Lane325-573-0123Sour LakeWoods Plant Nursery13792 Highway 105409-753-3722SouthlakeMike’s Garden Center555 E Northwest Pkwy817-251-2620SpicewoodArbormaster Tree Farm21215 State Highway 71 W512-264-8977SpringHouston Garden Center20080 Holzwarth Road281-288-7574SpringHouston Garden Center24800 Interstate 45281-298-2082SpringJ C Greenhouses7710 Carl Road Ext281-443-6378SpringJohn Deere Landscapes21145 Falvel Road281-353-6502SpringNatures Touch5165 Louetta Road281-655-7171Spring BranchMosaics By me332 Mountain Top Drive830-885-6873SpringtownTrinity Creek Plant Farm689 Midway Drive817-220-0180SpringtownWanda’s Greenhouse and Plant4423 Veal Station Road817-677-2379StaffordHappy Garden and Pond Co12999 Murphy Road #M2281-498-4828StaffordHouston Garden Center13802 Murphy Road281-208-1886StaffordPlantation Gardens12815 Murphy Road281-498-5453StaplesA Plant Sale7535 FM 621512-357-2017StephenvilleGreenmaker Nursery3030 Northwest Loop254-965-7273StephenvilleMairposa Nursery3728 E Washington Street254-968-8857StrawnRuiz Tree Co316 N Mingus Boulevard254-672-5071StreetmanWood Time Garden Center312 FM 416903-389-5531Sugar LandCountry Boys Treasures13521 Clodine Road281-565-3991Sugar LandDiscount Trees and Shrubs9755 S Highway 6832-328-0928Sugar LandHouston Garden Center10010 S Highway 6281-568-8782Sulphur SpringsB and B Farm and Garden CenterInterstate Highway 30 & FM 69903-438-8170Sulphur SpringsDalton’s Nursery1416 College Street903-885-5816Sulphur SpringsMartin Springs Plant FarmHC 1 Box 184903-885-5734Sulphur SpringsSummerhouse Lawn and Garden Shop1015 Gilmer Street903-885-4083SweetwaterFor Land’s Sake212 Bawcom Street325-235-3336SweetwaterNature’s Way316 Oak Street325-235-2274TaftGreens ‘N Things Nursery9707 FM 1074361-528-3758TaylorFinch Farm Nursery16281 FM 1660512-365-6900TaylorOlde Thyme Gardens950 County Road 365512-352-7673TaylorWerchan’s Garden House Nursery3310 N Main Street512-352-2494TempleLonesome Pine Nursery3120 E Adams Ave254-791-0884TempleTem-Bel Nursery and Landscape5300 S General Bruce Drive254-778-5651TerrellDenco Services5188 W US Highway 80972-932-3320TerrellJ and T Nursery5126 W US Highway 80972-524-0806TerrellLawson’s Nursery and Landscaping520 FM 148972-563-4381TexarkanaBunch Gardens307 Baylor Street903-838-8525TexarkanaEllis Pottery3920 Summerhill Road903-792-2246TexarkanaFreeman Nurseries2501 New Boston Road903-793-1392TexarkanaPeggy’s PlantsRR 2 Box 327M903-792-3198TexarkanaPrices Golden GrowersRR 13 Box 50903-832-3939TexarkanaStilson GrowersRR 5 Box 412C903-832-8588TimpsonHilburn’s Country GreenhouseRR 2 Box 132936-254-3322TolarHill City Greenhouse6600 Faith CT254-835-4769TomballArbor Gate15635 FM 2920 Road281-351-8851TomballBev’s Trees and More14607 Boudreaux Road281-351-8760TomballEnvironmental Design Trees23556 Coons Road281-376-4260TomballFront Porch Nursery and Mulch20153 FM 2920 Road281-351-7130TomballInstant Shade Tree23556 Coons Road281-376-8593TomballJust Trees17150 FM 2920 Road281-351-7583TomballJust Trees18130 Tomball Waller Road281-351-1687TomballRosehill Herbs14914 Triechel Road281-351-2641TomballSpring Gardens Nursery26435 Kuykendahl Road281-351-4033TomballSpring Nursery and Landscape Inc25252 FM 2978 Road281-357-1800TomballWillow Creek Nursery and Herb9012 Dowdell Road281-251-5634TowTow Valley Nursery1615 Buckwheat Drive325-379-1237TroupPinecrest Inc904 W Noble Street903-842-3257TroupPowell’s Plant FarmRR 3 Box 1058903-842-3123TuscolaCedar Creek Farms1339 US Highway 83325-668-8322TylerHarris Nursery and Garden Center10940 County Road 490903-593-8646TylerJ R Lockhart and Son Nursery15291 State Highway 155 S903-561-0276TylerRose Rozell NurseryState Highway 31 W903-595-5137TylerTate Rose Nursery10306 FM 2767903-593-1020TylerThompson-Hills Nursery11745 State Highway 64 W903-597-9951TylerTrees USA10325 County Road 313 E903-595-4977Universal CityCalloway Nursery1134 Pat Booker Road210-658-3171UvaldeLaguna Nursery314 W Main Street830-278-6769UvaldeValtex NurseryHC 34 Box 907830-278-7876VanStorey’s Nursery108 FM 1805903-963-5612VernonTexoma Home and Garden2300 Wilbarger Street940-552-2900VernonVan Ward Nursery3131 Texas Street940-552-5269VictoriaDevereaux Gardens120 David Wade Drive361-574-7245VictoriaEarthworks102 E Airline Road361-573-3836VictoriaGreen Acres Garden Center5211 John Stockbauer Drive361-575-4194VictoriaGreen Acres Landscaping5211 John Stockbauer Drive361-575-4194VictoriaGulf Coast Floral1207 Salem Road361-573-3356VictoriaHeavens Garden2003 John Stockbauer Drive361-570-9972VictoriaHeavens Garden Nursery306 Sam Houston Drive #1023361-570-9972VictoriaNature’s Best Nursery558 Moritz Lane361-573-0523VictoriaNorthside Ranch Pet and Garden Center1410 SW Moody Street361-573-5000VictoriaRenken’s Nursery2701 Salem Road361-576-5657VictoriaTriple P Nursery235 Leeper Lane361-575-5132VidorConway Garden Center2630 N Main Street409-769-4228VidorFriedeck’s Garden Center200 N Main Street409-769-1617VidorMarcelle’s Crinums440 Oak Lane409-769-3585VidorMy Master’s Garden7645 Highway 12409-745-0327WacoChanging Seasons Lawn4209 W Waco Drive254-749-1700WacoCountry Colors Greenhouse804 N Lacy Drive254-799-8634WacoFour Seasons Nursery408 S 9th Street254-752-4046WacoGreenlife Nursery1312 N New Road254-776-2400WacoGreg Weghorst Wholesale Broker527 Esther Street254-772-1071WacoJust Trees370 Lady Bird Road254-722-3045WacoK and W Trees201 Cranbrook Drive254-776-4463WacoLiberty Farms277 Armadillo Drive254-666-7376WacoOrganic Plus Nursery10568 N River Xing254-848-2103WacoSpeegleville Nursery7315 N Highway 6254-848-7155WacoWaco Turf Grass Producers7267 S 3rd Street Road254-662-3344WacoWestview Nursery and Landscape1136 N Valley Mills Drive254-772-7890WallerMagnolia Gardens Nursery1980 Bowler Road936-931-9550WaskomSallie Mae’s Gardens10050 US Highway 80 E903-935-9379WaxahachieGreenery3708 N Highway 77972-617-5459WeatherfordClark Gardens567 Maddux Road940-682-4856WeatherfordElders Shrubs408 W Park Ave817-613-9159WeatherfordHarry’s Greenhouse6819 Quanah Hill Road817-594-2523WeatherfordRobert Cole Nursery6900 W Interstate 20817-341-0908WeatherfordRobert Cole Nursery7025 Quanah Hill Road817-599-8451WeatherfordStuart Nursery2317 Fort Worth Highway817-596-0003WeatherfordWeatherford Gardens2106 Fort Worth Highway817-341-0152WeatherfordWillow Lake Farm and Nursery3400 Mineral Wells Highway817-599-3407WebsterHouston Garden Center1015 W Nasa Road 1281-557-7399WebsterHouston Palm Tree Inc20420 Gulf Fwy281-338-2658WeslacoBalderas Nursery2118 W Corpus Christi Drive956-968-4612WeslacoMid-Valley Garden and Pond1801 E US Highway 83956-973-1998West ColumbiaSky Meadow Farms31859 FM 1301 Road979-345-3753WhartonGreen Trees of Texas1704 Half Moon Drive979-532-5951WhartonGreenhouse Nursery1327 N Alabama Road979-532-0774WhartonRachunek’s Nursery318 Margaret Street979-532-1887WhartonRed Barn Nursery839 E Brooks Road979-532-5140White SettlementSouthwest Color8003 Heron Drive817-246-4769WhitehouseRobertson’s Tree Farm1305 State Highway 110 N903-839-2468WhitehouseTerry’s Plant Farm110 Hagan Road903-839-2313WhitesboroHedges Nursery617 1/2 W Main Street903-564-7722WhitewrightFlowerbed Garden Shop106 W Grand Street903-364-1111WhitneyLaurie’s Garden5122 FM 933254-694-9994WhitneyParadise Trees346 FM 3050254-694-8838Wichita FallsHarris Nursery and Landscape7238 Seymour Highway940-691-3145Wichita FallsShade Tree Nursery and Landscaping3122 Old Iowa Park Road940-322-9833Wichita FallsSmith Garden Town4940 Seymour Highway940-692-7100WillisBonnieland Nursery Sales Inc12306 Rose Road936-856-7594WillisGrower’s Outlet11173 N Highway 75936-856-5001WillisU S Trees of Texas12146 Cude Cemetery Road936-856-4273Willow ParkTree on the Gro3313 Sherwood Cir817-441-7992Wills PointChitty’s Nursery and Garden Center817 Houston Street903-873-2553WimberleyJade Gardens12404 Ranch Road 12512-847-2514WimberleySilverleaf Nursery704 FM 2325512-847-8898WinnsboroHillcrest Farms Garden Center608 S Main Street903-342-6826WinnsboroLouisana-Pacific CorpRR 6 Box 63611903-629-3262WylieMikrobe Tree Specialists2701 Vinson Road972-475-7244WylieNortex Greenhouse1300 W Brown Street972-442-2206WylieSachse Garden Center91 Hillside Vw972-414-4026YoakumE T Landscape Nursery and Supply4822 FM 951361-293-2798YorktownL-Bar Nut Farm and NurseryRR 2 Box 37361-564-2406


What tree Is Best In Texas? ›

Top Texas Tree #1: Live Oak

Their wood is very hardy making the tree easy to protect in stress. Live Oaks are some of the most popular and well-known landscape trees in Texas.

What is a popular tree in Texas? ›

Live Oak. When speaking of Texas trees, we have to start with the live oak. They are as majestic as the state of Texas itself and wildly popular.

What is the best time to plant trees in Texas? ›

The fall may be the best season to plant, surpassing even the spring. Many people prefer January through March for planting, but the fall months of September through December have distinct advantages.

What tree is best for privacy in Texas? ›

  • Juniperus virginiana (eastern redcedar), 30-40 feet, but can reach 90 feet.
  • Sophora secundiflora (Texas mountain-laurel), 10-20 feet, can reach 30 feet.
  • Ilex vomitoria (yaupon), 12-25 feet, can reach 36 feet.
Oct 24, 2007

What's the fastest-growing shade tree in Texas? ›

Nuttall Oak

You may know this tree by its alternative names of red oak or pin oak. Whatever you choose to call it, it's a great shade tree! The Nuttall Oak is the fastest-growing oak tree. This means it quickly provides a great, leafy canopy to shade your home from the hot Texas heat.

What is the best fast growing shade tree for Texas? ›

  • Fraxinus berlandieriana (Mexican ash) to 30 ft.
  • Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash) 50-75 ft.
  • Fraxinus texensis (Texas ash) 30-45 ft.
  • Chilopsis linearis (desert willow) 15-30 ft.
  • Ulmus americana (American elm) 72-100 ft.
  • Morella cerifera (wax myrtle) up to 20 ft.
Jan 29, 2009

What is the fastest-growing tree for privacy? ›

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy? Hybrid poplar tops the list. It can grow upwards of five feet per year. The Leyland cypress, green giant arborvitae, and silver maple are all close seconds because they add about two feet to their height each year.

What is the fastest growing tree for Central Texas? ›

1. Mexican Sycamore. This is a nearly native Sycamore tree that can often be seen growing wild near stream beds in our area. This is a very fast growing tree, and can easily outstrip oaks with its rapid growth.

Why are there no tall trees in Texas? ›

North Texas' environmental conditions, including soil, climate water and space, aren't the most conducive for growing large trees.

Are trees cheaper than a fence? ›

Trees and Shrubs. There's no substitute for the natural beauty plants provide. And they are usually less expensive than fences and are rarely limited by local codes. What's more, trees and shrubs do a better job of reducing dust and noise than a fence.

What's the fastest growing shade tree in Texas? ›

Nuttall Oak

You may know this tree by its alternative names of red oak or pin oak. Whatever you choose to call it, it's a great shade tree! The Nuttall Oak is the fastest-growing oak tree. This means it quickly provides a great, leafy canopy to shade your home from the hot Texas heat.

What is a good fast growing shade tree for Texas? ›

  • Fraxinus berlandieriana (Mexican ash) to 30 ft.
  • Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash) 50-75 ft.
  • Fraxinus texensis (Texas ash) 30-45 ft.
  • Chilopsis linearis (desert willow) 15-30 ft.
  • Ulmus americana (American elm) 72-100 ft.
  • Morella cerifera (wax myrtle) up to 20 ft.
Jan 29, 2009

What is the fastest growing tree for privacy? ›

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy? Hybrid poplar tops the list. It can grow upwards of five feet per year. The Leyland cypress, green giant arborvitae, and silver maple are all close seconds because they add about two feet to their height each year.


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