Oceanbleu | CulinArt Catering Collection Venue (2022)

WEDDING OF OUR DREAMS!!!! Cannot thank the Oceanbleu staff enough for going above and beyond our expectations. William made our dream wedding and vision come true and was AMAZING.

Michelle G.


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Amazing place, service, food, everything! Best day of our lives! William made everything go so smoothly, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing the entire night. Hands down the best service. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the food and service was (and how good looking the staff was lol). Couldn’t be happier with how the day went. It was raining on our wedding day so the bonfire was cancelled but William set up the best after party in the front room and it didn’t even make me miss the bonfire!!!!! such a memorable night and we are in love with this venue.

Isabella F

Bride | September 2021

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We are so glad that we chose Oceanbleu as our wedding venue. The food, atmosphere, and staff was absolutely amazing. We booked the wedding pre-COVID and William made sure that we were taken care of through the entire process. He truly took the time to understand what we wanted our day to look like, and did everything in his power to make it come to fruition. He managed all of our vendors so smoothly and ensured that everything was exactly how we dreamt it. We are so grateful for William and the entire staff for an absolutely stunning and perfect wedding day!!

Veronica M.

Bride | October 2021

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My husband and I truly had the best day of our lives having our wedding at Oceanbleu 10/23/21. William and the staff really helped to make our vision come to life. The food was amazing for both cocktail hour and during the reception. Many guests were amazed by how much there was during cocktail hour. The service was wonderful. Guests were never without a drink!

Caitlin B

Bride | October 2021

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One of a kind wedding venue with phenomenal food and service! My guests have been raving about our wedding at the Oceanbleu and I am so thankful to William and his team for pulling off an incredible event. William helped us push it to the limit with our 250 guest count and helped us to host cocktail hour right on the beach during sunset! It was unique, beautiful and memorable.


Nicole N.

Bride | September 2021

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Truly was a dream come true. Everything was magnificent from the amazing renovations, breath-taking view, the attentive staff, delicious food, outrageous bonfire and of course William and all he did to make this day everything they wanted it to be.

Marcia & Nick Kouskalis

Parents of the Bride | June 27, 2021

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We are beyond happy at the WONDERFUL wedding you and your team put on for Lauren & Marc! We were so pleased that you paid attention to, and followed through on all the details we asked you to address!

Glasky Wedding

Mother of the Bride

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I just wanted to tell you again how INCREDIBLE Sunday was. We were all blown away. You guys went above and beyond to make our day beyond special.

Christina & Brad’s Wedding

Bride and Groom | May 2019

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What can I say.. I now know the feeling I’ve watched couples experience time and time again. It is truly surreal. Thank you for everything! It truly was the best night of our lives. Everything was exactly, if not better than, what we dreamed it would be.

Thank you again for everything!

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Cooper Wedding

Jordan & Meredith Cooper | Bride and Groom

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I just wanted to give you another thank you for the best day of our lives. Everything was absolutely perfect last weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. You guys were on top of it all, the day of William you are a Gem, always had me smiling, and the young bridal attendant was incredible! I can’t fathom enough how amazing it all was!

Thank you for being a part of the biggest day of my life, I cannot thank you or recommend you guys enough.

First of all this place is a dream! My husband and I fell in love with it the moment we saw it but what really sold us was William! He was so easy to talk to and did everything he could to give us the wedding of our dreams! The food was amazing and the whole night was perfect. They just renovated the entire place and it leaves an open palate for any decor, with a grey wash and simple chandelier lights along with their staple chandelier right in the center of the room which is a absolutely stunning! We had our ceremony on the beach and it was breathtaking. From the cocktail hour to the reception the food, the professionalism of the staff and feel of the whole place made for a picture perfect wedding that our guests and ourselves will be talking about for a long time. Highly recommend this venue. Give William a call you will be happy you did!

Kristine and Kenneth’s Wedding

Kristine | Bride

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We are just back from our honeymoon and finally have come up for air! I want to thank you so much for helping create our wonderful wedding. All your advice and vendor referrals were much appreciated. I was so pleased with each and every one of your recommendations. All the feedback I received from our guests was over the top… as you’ve been saying, lots of people commented on how great the food was! The Oceanbleu setting was simply stunning. You and your staff ran a beautiful event. Thank you for helping make it so memorable.

Lana and Rob’s Wedding

Lana and Rob | Bride and Groom

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We wanted to reach out and thank you again for everything yesterday. Lunch was terrific, delicious and perfect for our team to celebrate a wonderful day. The space is beautiful and we look forward to working with you in the future!

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Dayna Field | Gourmet Advisory Services

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My daughter’s wedding at Oceanbleu was perfect Thanks to William and his staff! Even though the weather was not perfect – the Oceanbleu staff managed to make my daughter’s wish of a beach ceremony come true! At the very last minute before our guests arrived everything was moved so quickly from the tent to the beach! All the vendors William recommended were fabulous! The food was phenomenal! Our guests couldn’t believe how delicious everything was. Thank you for the best wedding this Mother of the Bride has ever been to!

Kimberly and Steven’s Wedding

Maria Scotto Campisi | Mother of the Bride

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We are beyond happy at the WONDERFUL wedding you and your team put on for Lauren & Marc! We are still getting notes, texts and pictures from our friends telling us what a great venue it was, and how delicious the food was! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – you are a great team who worked together to make it happen for your “demanding” client!

Lauren and Marc’s Wedding

Bonnie | Mother of the Bride

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We cannot thank you enough for making our day so amazing!! Between the breathtaking views, amazing food and being so flexible with us the day turned out to be absolutely perfect. The room was drop dead gorgeous with the new renovations and the whole space really came together. I am so happy we chose you as our venue! If I’m lucky, I hope to attend a wedding there soon!

Nicole and Luis

Bride and Groom | Nicole and Luis' Wedding

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I just wanted to tell you again how INCREDIBLE Sunday was. We were all blown away. You guys went above and beyond to make our day beyond special. The day was seamless and I wouldn’t have changed ANYTHING. I will be recommending the venue to anyone I hear getting married. Also, the space was magnificent!

Christina and Brad’s Wedding

Bride and Groom | May 26th 2019

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From the moment we considered Oceanbleu as our wedding venue, we knew we had found our perfect place- the venue itself is gorgeous and was everything we had hoped for- beach, personal touches, not your cut and paste wedding venue. But we were officially sold when we sat down with William to further discuss Oceanbleu as one of our options. He made us feel so comfortable every step of the way. On the day of, he made sure everything ran smoothly, and did so much more behind the scenes than I was aware of. Oceanbleu as a venue is incredible. Our guests cannot stop raving about how elegant and breathtaking the space is, and how amazing our food was. We are both NYC foodies, and we were blown away by their menu options and food on the whole. I cannot recommend this venue enough.

Tracy and Alex’s Wedding

Tracy | Bride | The Knot

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This venue delivers on all of the things you’re looking for to host a wedding/event: exquisite food, amazing decor, breathtaking scenery, and an awesome zip code. Even though these features will astound you, they aren’t the best part of OceanBleu. Rather, similar to your guest list, ultimately what matters are the people who celebrate your event and the people behind the scenes who make that happen. The management staff are some of the hardest working, kindest, most sincere people you will meet in this crazy world we live in. They genuinely care and sincerely want what is best for you. The maître d’, is laser focused with a tremendous attention to detail. He seamlessly ensures the progression of events and is that extra magic touch every successful event needs. The entire staff at OceanBleu is amazing and I hope you do yourself a favor and check them out for your next event. Unless, of course, you’re looking at a date we want for our next celebration there.

Krista and Mike’s Wedding


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When we first got engaged, I searched endlessly for the perfect venue and stumbled upon the Oceanbleu on Style Me Pretty. It had everything we were looking for: it was on the beach, but without the mandatory ceremony in the sand, large enough to hold 250 guests, yet still intimate feeling, a beautiful “blank canvas” where we could infuse our own style and personalities. We booked the Oceanbleu almost two years before our actual wedding day and had 100% smooth sailing from there on out. The entire management team is awesome and met with us and our parents and vendors multiple times and were always incredibly professional, friendly and welcoming. Our actual wedding day/night was absolutely incredible. From the setup to the INCREDIBLE food (and we’re definitely food snobs, so I don’t say this lightly) to the bridal attendant to the staff to the male model we were gifted (yes, gifted!), everything was breathtaking. I literally could not have dreamt of a better after-party than the bonfire on the beach. All we have is gratitude for this incredible venue and its staff, catering team and coordinators. Best day/night of our lives, thank you!!

Summer Wedding

Molly, The Bride | Summer 2018

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My wedding was nothing short of amazing! Jessica was so wonderful throughout the entire wedding planning process- I cannot say enough about her! Sarah, my bridal attendant was so on top of her game. She made sure everything was absolutely perfect & I never had an empty drink all night. She even helped bustle my dress when my original bustle wasn’t cooperating. She made sure my new husband and myself were able to eat after our photos were finished. She truly went above and beyond to make sure our night was perfect. The venue was stunning, of course. All of my guests were truly amazed at how everything turned out and they all are still raving about the food. Multiple people have stated to myself, and my family that this was the best wedding & venue they have ever been too!


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