In Search Of The Northern Lights Cruise - (2023)

Aurora Watch & Stargazing

Viking Oceans: In Search of the Northern Lights Itinerary

As part of our ‘Sky at Sea’ programme, you canw rap up warm and head out on deck to search the skies for the elusive Northern Lights. Will luck be on your side? Guest speaker and astronomer Paul Fellows will lead the search, bringing the stars and planets of the night sky to life whilst you search for the Aurora Borealis.

Can I See The Northern Lights On A Cruise

Yes, northern lights cruises whisk travellers in comfort to some of the best spots to see the colourful spectacle.

Ambassadors Iceland cruise for the northern lights stops at Reykjavik . Did you know, the Icelandic city is one of just two capitals in the world where you can witness the aurora borealis thanks to its location at a latitude of approximately 64 degrees north?

There are a plethora of excursions away from Reykjavik and the citys lights to ensure holidaymakers get their aurora fix .

On the Ambassador Norway northern lights cruise from the UK, passengers call at Tromsø, one of the best places to see the vibrant show due to its position 220 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Another stop on the Norwegian itinerary is Alta which has been nicknamed the town of the Northern Lights. Indeed the worlds first permanent northern lights observatory was opened in 1899 here.

Feel The Spirit Of The North

Experience a land where dawn and twilight merge on the edges of the long Arctic night. Sailing far north during Norways winter, witness snow-covered landscapes dotted with rugged mountains and steep fjords, and seek out the brilliant aurora borealis dancing in the night sky. Delve into Sami legends and World War II history, and pilot a dog sled or snowmobile to further immerse yourself in the Norwegian Arctic as you join us on this illuminating voyage.

Experience a land where dawn and twilight merge on the edges of the long Arctic night. Sailing far north during Norways winter, witness snow-covered landscapes dotted with rugged mountains and steep fjords, and seek out the brilliant aurora borealis dancing in the night sky. Delve into Sami legends and World War II history, and pilot a dog sled or snowmobile to further immerse yourself in the Norwegian Arctic as you join us on this illuminating voyage.

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To See The Aurora Travelers Need To Be Far North Away From Light Pollution And Have Unobstructed Views Of The Sky Here Are Some Cruises That Can Help You Find The Nightly Solar Show

The most common Northern Lights color is green, but it can also present as red, purple, white, and pink.

The psychedelic light show that paints the night sky with multicolored neon streams, scientifically known as the aurora borealis, is an experience worth chasing for many. For the best chance of seeing the swirling spectacle, travelers should head to the northernmost climes on a cloudless night between late August and mid-April.

While its never a guarantee that the Northern Lights will be visible, one way to help stack the deck in your favor is to be on a cruise ship that can move in search of the lights, typically in the Arctic.

Beyond seeing Mother Natures kaleidoscopic display, passengers on these cruises will have the chance to spend their days adventuring in the polar regions, perhaps cross-country skiing, dog sledding across the tundra, riding a Zodiac near the face of a calving glacier, or meeting with Sami reindeer herders. In other words, if the lights fail to appear, you wont be at a loss.

These are some of the cruises where you have a solid chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Do Northern Lights Happen Every Night

In Search Of The Northern Lights Cruise - (1)

No, the northern lights do not occur nightly and can never be guaranteed but being at the right place at the right time will increase your chances of witnessing the phenomenon.

Forecasts are available to help guide you, with The Kp Index generally considered the most accurate. Aurora forecasts are issued for a three-day period and are constantly updated.

So, how long can you expect the show to last? When they do appear, the northern lights may only show for a few minutes although they may return shortly afterwards.

At best you can settle in for a display lasting a couple of hours or longer but a good display is often between 15 and 30 minutes.

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What Is The Best Time To Go On A Northern Lights Cruise

Seeing the northern lights on a cruise isnt guaranteed . But you will increase your odds of seeing the northern lights by being in the right place in the Arctic Circle at the right time.

The arctic viewing season for northern lights cruises is from late September to late March/early April, though the best months are December through March, when there are the longest hours of darkness and many clear night skies. Generally, skies are clearest near the spring and fall equinoxes in later September and March. Some late September/early October Alaska cruises can include northern lights sightings as well.


Alaska Cruisetours To See The Northern Lights

Alaska cruisetours are the ideal way to explore the states stunning interior and extend your Alaska cruise vacation.

For the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, the Evening Aurora Pursuit is available on Alaska Cruisetours in mid- and late August on Celebrity Millenium. The Evening Aurora Pursuit is an optional land excursion available on different cruise tours from 10 to 13 nights, like:

Alaska Gold Rush Adventure Cruisetour

The 10-Night Alaska Gold Rush Adventure Cruisetour will take you deep into the interior of Alaska, where you can explore Gold Rush history. Stay overnight in Fairbanks and explore Denali State Park. You might lose track of time, since the sun shines late into the night.

Majestic Tundra Explorer Cruisetour

If you like to spend quality time in the cities you travel to, the 11-Night Majestic Tundra Explorer Cruisetour is ideal because it features two nights in both Denali and Fairbanks. Youll stay in a cozy lodge and keep an eye out for Alaskas Big Five: caribou, moose, bears, grey wolves, and Dall sheep.

Great National Parks Expedition Cruisetour

The 12-Night Great National Parks Expedition Cruisetour is perfect for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, and offers even more time in Alaskas breathtaking national parks like Denali and Kenai Fjords.

The Great Frontier Expedition & Grand Heartland Adventure

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The Ultimate Guide To The Worlds Best Northern Lights Cruises

Norway & North Cape Magic of the Arctic Winter, Auora Over Svolvaer

Richard Choi/Hurtigruten

Few natural phenomena capture the imagination like the Northern Lights. Those multi-colored, otherworldly starry streamers are Mother Natures very own disco. One of the best ways to see the spectacle is via a cruise. Theres just something about the juxtaposition of floating on the oceanthe planets still unknowable, final frontierwhile staring upwards towards the heavens that intensifies the aurora experience.

Additionally, the chances of catching the starry show are much better out at sea than on land because youre away from a citys light pollution that can dim the display. While theres never any guarantee that the aurora will appear, the extraordinary adventure of taking a northern cruise offers ample other rewards. So, if youre yearning to combine a sea voyage with a luminous light show, here are some of the worlds best northern lights cruises.

Iceland, Greenland & East Canada cruise

Nicolas J. leclercq/Aurora Expeditions

Northeast Passage

Norway & North Cape Magic of the Arctic Winter, Aurora Over Svolvaer

Richard Choi/ Hurtigruten

12-Day Search for the Northern Lights

Princess Cruises

Arctic Cruise: Longyearbyen to Tromsø

Silversea Cruises

A Husky Sledding Adventure

Viking Cruises | In Search of Northern Lights Vlog Ep. 3 | Viking Venus

From Alta youll have the unique opportunity to embark on a Husky sledding adventure and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Nordic nature. Youll ride into the wilderness and journey through pine forests following the banks of the Alta River or Altadalen Valley. Youll also have the chance to learn about how the Huskies are trained and prepared for Europes longest dog sled race.

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Can You See The Northern Lights From A Cruise Ship The Best Cruises For Viewing The Northern Lights

Glimpsing the Northern Lights in all their mystical and sky-transforming glory is one of those bucket-list life experiences that many world travelers often wait years to see.

But can you actually see the northern lights on a cruise? The conditions must be just right, but it’s highly likely to see this magical and sometimes elusive scientific phenomenon on a Northern Lights cruise sailing the Arctic Circle during the long, dark winter nights.

“Cruising is a nice way to see a lot of places, but in particular the Northern Lights,” says Stephanie Goldberg-Glazer, owner of Live Well, Travel Often, a boutique travel agency. “Cruise ships are able to be out at sea where it is dark for optimal viewing,” she says, and when in port, they can create opportunities for guests to access optimal viewing sites outside of cities and their lights.

Read on for our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best northern lights cruise for you.

Highlights From The Show

Captain Stoica emphasises that safety is the most important job of everyone on the bridge. The team constantly monitoring the sea conditions and weather forecasts in order to take any necessary adjustments to the planned route.

He says that cruising is an extremely international environment, and the same is true on the bridge. Working with and learning about other cultures is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job, according to the Captain.

Captain Stoica also reveals what else he enjoys about working on the Borealis, together with his favourite places in the world to cruise.

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Northern Lights Cruises: A Guide To Chasing The Aurora Borealis At Sea

Witnessing the elusive northern lights flickering across the sky may cause you to gasp, because, take it from me, its that cool. The colorful ribbons of green and other hues look like something from outer space and they are. Auroras appear when charged particles collide with Earth’s atmosphere.

Seeing the ethereal display, also known as the aurora borealis, is a bucket list experience for many travelers. And cruise ships can get you to destinations where your chances of catching Mother Natures special light show are improved.

Just remember that seeing these lights doesnt involve a cruise director flipping on a switch. Seeing the northern lights in their prime requires clear and dark skies, sometimes late-night viewing hours, enough solar activity for the colors to appear and a big dose of luck. Keep all that in mind before you place all your cruise vacation hopes on this one experience.

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Northern Lights Cruises: Top 3 Destinations For A Life

In Search Of The Northern Lights Cruise - (2)

Witnessing Mother Natures ethereal light show, popularly known as the Northern Lights, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei named it Aurora Borealis after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek god of the north wind, Boreas, to represent dancing lights in the sky. Since then, the Northern Lights have influenced the evolution of history, arts, and culture.

If you are wondering whether a Northern Lights cruise is worthwhile, check out these interesting facts about the Aurora Borealis that will win you over!

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Where Can I See The Northern Lights On A Cruise

The lights are best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere and especially in locations on the so-called auroral oval, a ring zone over the polar regions. In cruising terms, that means prime viewing is in such places as northern Alaska , Norway, Iceland, Arctic Canada and parts of Greenland.

Just off the auroral ring is the rest of Alaska. If you are on a cruise in the Inside Passage before April 21 or after Aug. 21 and are willing to be awake in the middle of the night theres a chance youll see the aurora borealis.

Knowing the northern lights are good marketing, cruise lines operating in Alaska, such as Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and UnCruise Adventures, have northern lights signup sheets so that you dont have to stay up all night, every night hoping to see the phenomenon. Simply put your name on the list and youll get a wake-up phone call or knock on your cabin door should there be aurora action. Just plan to put on your clothes or bathrobe quickly the lights may only appear for a few minutes, or they may last considerably longer.

In Search Of Norways Northern Lights

Day 1 UK-Tromsø

Fly to Tromsø, the gateway to Norway’s Arctic wilderness, and transfer to the locally rated 4-star Clarion Hotel The Edge for a five-night stay on a half-board basis. D

Day 2 Northern Lights Cruise

For those eager to explore the spectacular coastal scenery, join an optional morning safari that will reveal Tromsøs magnificent mountains, fjords and islands. This evening, look forward to your first included excursion chasing the Northern Lights on a cruise which will take you to the best places offshore to see this amazing spectacle. Sail away from any light pollution on this boat voyage from downtown Tromsø. Enjoy standing on the viewing platform as you scan the skies for traces of the ethereal ribbons of light before warming up in the heated lounge and perhaps grabbing a bite to eat from the on-board kiosk. A knowledgeable guide will provide a fascinating insight into the Northern Lights and the places visited on this memorable cruise. B, D

Day 3 Northern Lights Safari

Day 4 Panoramic Tromsø

For 360-degree views of Tromsø, join us on an included Fjellheisen cable-car ride, which will whisk you 421 metres above sea level in just four minutes. At the top, enjoy looking down on Tromsø so you can appreciate its coastal setting in a whole new light before sitting down for an included lunch at the mountainside restaurant. Afterwards, catch the cable car back down before returning to your hotel via the bridge that spans the Tromsø Strait. B, L, D

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Searching For The Incredible Aurora Borealis

Be amazed by the electrifying sight of the Northern Lights, one of Mother Natures greatest shows, on this half-board visit to Tromsø in Norway, known for its excellent sightings. Weve included two memorable excursions to increase your odds of seeing this elusive natural phenomenon. Plus, look forward to meeting the local Sami people who will show you how to reindeer sled. You can even join an exhilarating husky-sled ride or cruise the fjords on optional excursions.

The Ports And Excursions

Northern Lights Cruises with Hurtigruten Expeditions | The Cruise Line

Our cruise visited Narvik, Alta, Tromso and Stavanger. We overnighted in Bergen, Alta and Tromso, which gave us the chance to explore these cities on our own in addition to booking multiple excursions.

While all Viking cruises include one excursion in each port, we elected to book some of their premium offerings as well as some independent tours. We truly loved everything we booked, and we thought Viking’s excursions included a nice mix of options for everyone: history buffs, adventure-seekers, culture collectors and traditionalists. Our choices ventured into the more active territory, with a terrific cross-country skiing adventure as well as a visit to a husky sled dog spot that had us mushing across the tundra and cuddling with these amazing pups.

Everyone we spoke with was happy with their excursions, whether they booked premium selections or opted for the included panoramic city tours.

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Why A Cruise Is The Best Way To See The Northern Lights

Cruising is one if not the best ways to see the lights as a cruise ship offers the best conditions to see the light, avoiding light pollution from towns and cities and gives an even better view than on land as well as being able to physically move to improve the conditions needed such as heading further out to see to avoid light and air pollution for the port. The deck, your cabins private balcony or the public indoor venues with panorama windows make for the perfect place to take in the show, along with all your home comforts such as a cosy chair, blanket and hot drink.

Northern Lights Theme Cruises

Cruises with a theme, such as ‘In search of the Northern Lights’, will often have lecturers on board to enhance your experience. You might also learn about astronomy and the history of the area to gain a deeper insight into life in the Arctic Circle in addition to lectures about the Northern Lights themselves. The crew on board will do all in their power to alert you to any sightings of the Northern Lights so that you don’t miss out, and although there is no guarantee that they will appear we have had fantastic feedback from these cruises in the past and so early booking is recommended. Learn more about expedition and adventure cruising.

How Is The Best Way To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

There are a few key considerations to recognize when trying to see the Northern Lights:

  • Location: The Northern Lights are most visible in the high-latitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic, so youll have the best chance of seeing them if you travel to a location near the Arctic Circle.
  • Time of year: The Northern Lights are most active during the winter months when the nights are the longest and darkest. The best time to see them is typically between September and April.
  • Solar activity: The Northern Lights are caused by solar activity, specifically the solar wind, a stream of charged particles that the sun continuously emits. The more active the sun, the more likely it is that the Northern Lights will be visible.
  • Weather: To see the Northern Lights, youll need clear, dark skies, so its best to check the weather forecast and plan your viewing trip for a clear night.
  • Once youre in a good location, at the right time of year, with clear skies and good solar activity, head away from city lights to a dark place with a good view of the northern horizon, auroras can appear anywhere in the sky but they are more commonly seen in the North. Keep warm and be patient, the lights can be elusive and may take some time to appear.


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    What is the best time to see the Northern Lights on an Alaskan cruise? ›

    Alaska's northern lights viewing season stretches from late August through late April. The best time to visit Alaska for Northern Lights is winter or early spring. As far as cruises go, Alaska cruises in September is a good pick because nights are long and dark.

    What do you wear on a Northern Lights cruise? ›

    A well-insulated, windproof jacket is a must, as are insulated trousers or salopettes in cold conditions. If the weather is likely to be wet, you'll need waterproofs. Some local suppliers, such as snowmobile operators, will loan one-piece thermal suits to put on over your jacket and trousers.

    Can you see Northern Lights from a cruise ship? ›

    But can you actually see the northern lights on a cruise? The conditions must be just right, but it's highly likely to see this magical and sometimes elusive scientific phenomenon on a Northern Lights cruise sailing the Arctic Circle during the long, dark winter nights.

    Can you see the Northern Lights on a Norwegian Cruise? ›

    Yes - you can view the Northern Lights on one of our Norwegian cruises, however we can't guarantee their appearance! The aurora borealis is near impossible to predict, but sightings are more likely on clear nights between October and March, and odds increase the further north you travel.

    Can you see Northern Lights from a cruise ship in Alaska? ›

    While the best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Alaska is in winter, you may still have the opportunity to see them on a late September cruise. While this spectacle can be seen from various ports of call, Princess offers the Aurora Borealis Viewing experience in Fairbanks for an unparalleled experience.

    What month is best to cruise Alaska? ›

    Traditionally, July and August have been considered the best time to cruise to Alaska, as these months offer warm sun, long days, and abundant wildlife.

    How much clothes should you pack for a 7 day cruise? ›

    Bottom Line: As a rough guide, for a 7-night cruise you will need to bring enough clothing for at least 4 formal or semi-formal nights, a couple of casual evenings, pool and loungewear, and practical clothing for excursions on dry land.

    What should I wear on my first night cruise? ›

    "Evening chic" nights encourage passengers to go all out with tuxes and evening gowns. However, most men choose slacks with collared or button-down shirts and jackets, sans ties. Most women choose slacks and nice blouses, sundresses or party dresses.

    What should you not bring on a cruise? ›

    Prohibited items:
    1. Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.
    2. Sharp Objects, including all knives and scissors. ...
    3. Illegal Drugs & Substances.
    4. CBD Oil / CBD Products.
    5. Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates. ...
    6. Hoverboards.

    Do you have to dress up for dinner on Holland America? ›

    Cruise Dinner Dress

    Formal wear: Anticipate two formal nights per week. Ladies wear a cocktail dress or gown and gentlemen don a suit and tie or tuxedo. Smart-casual wear for dinner: Slacks and collared shirts or sweaters for men.

    What is the best month to see Northern Lights in Norway? ›

    Northern Lights season in Norway

    November through February is the absolute peak season for Northern Lights viewing because the nights are the longest, but a visit anytime between September and March should give you a good chance to see them, with March offering the best chance of clear skies.

    What country is best to see Northern Lights? ›

    The best places to see the aurora borealis are the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which lie within or near the Arctic Circle. You could also look for them in Russia, Alaska, and Canada's northwest territories. Why are the Nordic destinations ideal for northern lights viewing?

    What is the cheapest way to see the northern lights? ›

    The cheapest way is to book a northern lights hunt*, a tour in which you will likely be driven around in a group as the guide tries to find a good vantage spot free of other spotters. In peak season, some roads are lined with parked buses of tourists on northern lights tours, which rather takes away the magic.

    What is the best time of year to cruise the Norwegian fjords? ›

    While sailings to Norway typically range from May to September, June to August is the peak of the season due to its pleasant weather, making this the best time to cruise the Norwegian Fjords. The summer boasts long days without being stiflingly hot, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

    Is Iceland or Norway better for Northern Lights? ›

    However, while all of Iceland is in prime northern lights territory, things aren't the same in Norway. You'll need to travel to the north of the country for a similar likelihood of a display.

    Can you wear jeans on an Alaskan cruise? ›

    Alaska cruise day wear.

    Days on board your Alaska cruise are all about comfort and ease. There's no need to be formal – jeans, slacks, casual tops, sweaters, sneakers and boots are all perfect.

    How much does it cost to go to Alaska to see the Northern Lights? ›

    Fairbanks Northern Lights tour prices

    Seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska might be priceless, but tours certainly aren't. As such, the costs of the best Fairbanks Northern Lights tours range from around $180 to $300.

    Do you have to wear a mask on Alaska cruises? ›


    The State of Alaska does not require COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, or masking for travelers. However, individual businesses and communities may have their own requirements. Please check with businesses, cruise lines, and tour operators for their specific COVID-19 regulations.

    Which is the best side of a cruise ship to be on Alaska? ›

    Northbound Alaska cruises sail up the coastline through the Inside Passage and along Hubbard Glacier, so your best view of Alaska's scenic landmasses are likely on the starboard side of the ship.

    What is the average cost of a 7 day Alaska cruise? ›

    A 7-night Alaska Cruise can cost anywhere from $500 per person to $5000+ per person, depending on the type of cruise ship and your choice of stateroom. Alaska land tours with 3-star hotels, train travel, and popular day tours generally cost around $300 per person per day, based on double occupancy.

    How much cash should I bring on an Alaskan cruise? ›

    A typical Alaska Cruise can cost between $600 and $5,000 per person, depending on the length of your cruise, the type of cruise you choose, and your room choice. We recommend budgeting an additional $1,000 to $1,500 per person for shore excursions to get the most out of your Alaskan cruise.

    How many suitcases do you take on a cruise? ›

    Most cruise lines “encourage” each passenger to limit luggage to two suitcases, each one less than 50 pounds. In addition, you can also bring carry-on luggage (more on that in a moment).

    How many pairs of shoes should you take on a cruise? ›

    With few exceptions, you need to pack only 4-5 pairs of shoes for your cruise.

    How much cash do I bring on a cruise? ›

    So How Much Cash Should I Take on a Cruise? As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips.

    Can you wear jeans to dinner on a cruise? ›

    On formal nights, proper attire includes tuxedos, suits or slacks (jackets required) for men and evening gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits for women. Jeans are welcome in all dining venues during the day, but they're not appropriate in any public venues for dinner or cocktail hour.

    Should I take jeans on a cruise? ›

    Jeans are appropriate. On dress-up nights(short cruises), and optional semi-formal and formal nights (longer cruises), elegant attire is suggested. This includes suits and jackets for men and dresses, pantsuits or cocktail dresses for ladies.

    Can I bring a full bottle of shampoo on a cruise? ›

    There are no size limits for liquid toiletries on cruise ships, but if you're flying to your embarkation port, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only allows bottles of 3 ounces or less. They must all fit into one clear quart-sized zip-top bag per person if you're taking a carry-on.

    Will cell phones work on cruise ships? ›

    Yes, you can make calls, text, and even video chat from a cruise ship. In port, you can connect to local roaming networks. At sea, you can either make calls via a satellite connection or pay for the ship's Wi-Fi (also via satellite) and make Wi-Fi calls, text or video chat via the internet.

    What is the best deck to be on a cruise ship? ›

    The nicest and most expensive cabins on any ship are generally on the highest decks. That typically means just below the pool deck. However, the pool deck is often the loudest during the day (and often well into the night).

    Can I wear jeans on Holland America cruise? ›

    Yes, you can wear jeans on a Holland America cruise with the exception of select restaurants on formal nights which are called Gala Nights. On Gala Nights, dress is formal and a suit, cocktail dress, or gown is suggested for women and jacket and tie, dark suit, or tuxedo is suggested for men.

    Is bottled water free on Holland America? ›

    What beverages do I have to pay for on a Holland America cruise? All beverages cost extra on Holland America, except non-bottled water, ice tea, lemonade and nonspecialty coffee and hot tea.

    What time is dinner in Holland? ›

    Dutch dinner

    The Dutch eat relatively early starting from 5 to 7 p.m., families mostly eat together around the dinner table. A typical Dutch dinner meal consists of potatoes, meat and vegetables, served with gravy. Dinner is often followed by a dessert in the form of yogurt or coffee.

    Is 2022 a good year to see the Northern Lights? ›

    2022 was a great year in terms of solar activity, and we saw great displays during our Iceland Northern Lights Photo Tour and our Orcas & Aurora tour in Norway, with the biggest displays that we have seen in years.

    Are Northern Lights tours worth it? ›

    They're definitely worth the time, expense, and cold to see them at least once in a lifetime. And if you want to see the aurora Norway is the place to go! That said, I know there can be a bit of confusion surrounding the northern lights and how to set off in search of them.

    Do Northern Lights come every night? ›

    No. Huge geomagnetic storms, the kind that can cause very intense displays of the northern lights, don't happen every night, even during solar maximum.

    Where is the best place to see the Northern Lights in the USA? ›

    Fairbanks, Utqiagvik, and Coldfoot are among the best places to visit for a chance to see the northern lights. Visitors can even opt for a guided tour for expert viewing advice. Head to an inland location during March for your best chances of seeing the phenomenon in the Last Frontier.

    Where and when is the best time to see the Northern Lights in the United States? ›

    Of all the North American hot spots that are listed as prime locations for watching solar activity, Alaska is perhaps the finest. The state is enormous, with dramatic panoramas and expansive dark skies that showcase the Northern lights during Alaska's aurora season, which runs from August 21 to April 21.

    How long do you have to be exposed to the Northern Lights? ›

    Keeping your shutter speed between 3-25 seconds will work very well for shooting the northern lights. When the aurora is moving quickly, try 3-7 second exposures. When it's moving slower, or it's not as bright, try 10-25 seconds. You can increase or decrease these times as you see fit, they are just rules of thumb!

    Do you have to book to see Northern Lights? ›

    Conclusion? NEVER ever book a Northern Lights tour in advance. There's so much tour operators out there that you'll almost be guaranteed a tour virtually every night of the winter, given there's any chance. Instead, plan one, or maximum two days in advance, no more.

    What months are the Northern Lights most visible? ›

    The best time to see the Northern Lights is on clear nights around midnight during the Aurora season starting at the end of August and finishing by mid-April. However, if you are at a lower latitude and there is a big solar storm, you can enjoy the Aurora even during the summer months, like June or July.

    What part of Alaska has the best Northern Lights? ›

    The city of Fairbanks, in Alaska, is often cited as the best place to see the Northern Lights in the United States.

    What are the chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska? ›

    If you stay in Fairbanks for a minimum of three nights and are actively out viewing every night you have a 90% chance of seeing the aurora.

    What months can you see the Northern Lights in Anchorage Alaska? ›

    The northern lights are active in the skies over Anchorage from late September to the middle of April....

    What is the best way to see the Northern Lights in Alaska? ›

    When it's time to look up in the sky for the lights, local aurora hunters recommend heading out of town to Christiansen Lake or past the airport on Beaver Road. If you prefer to stay close by, look north into the sky toward Denali from Talkeetna Riverfront Park.

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