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BillyOh premium quality garden sheds for sale at affordable prices. Transform your outdoor space today, buy a garden shed and get Free UK delivery.

Garden Buildings Direct is your go-to for DIY, potting, and even workshop sheds. Our store features a wide variety of models on sale and garden building accessories that are delivered fast and free to your home. Our buildings are high-quality products that anyone can assemble without professional help.

Types of Sheds

Maybe you're looking for large sheds for sale, or even wooden garden storage for bikes, tools and boxes. Our wide range means there's something for everyone. Our UK garden buildings come in wood, metal, and plastic varieties. We've got an assortment of styles to suit all kinds of homes, like 12 x 8 garden sheds, 10x12 sizes, or smaller models. Even our BillyOh workshops come in both wood and metal models.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Our wooden sheds are purpose-built to withstand the harsher elements of British weather. All of our wooden garden sheds are engineered to be as weather-resistant as possible. This means that whatever you store inside one of our wooden garden sheds will be protected, safe, and dry. Or our windowless wooden storage options can keep your belongings out of the sight of prying eyes.

So do you need a workshop for valuable tools? Or even a mini storage unit with gardening equipment? Then you can be sure of a product that offers protection and security.

Cladding Type

With a range of cladding available, you can find potting sheds and timber sheds to suit every need. Choose from overlap or popular tongue and groove. Our garden shed superstore has countless options!

Tongue & Groove Sheds

A shed made from tongue and groove panels offers a tight seal for premium weather resistance. Tongue and Groove construction is more robust than other forms of panelling.

Tongue and groove Sheds describe their construction style. Interlocking panels of cladding are used for the walls and roofingof both pent and apex roof types. Tongue and groove panels are stronger and much more reliable than overlap sleeting, but are more expensive. Tongue and groove sheds use the joining of a notch (tongue) into a groove (rabbet) to create a single flat surface.

This creates an outdoor building that is much less susceptible to water ingress or wind damage. We offer cladding in either 11mm or 19mm thicknesses for many of our designs. This makes them significantly thicker than their counterparts. So if you're after an insulated model, start with thermal regulation provided by Tongue and Groove cladding.

Our two best-selling tongue and groove shed ranges are the Expert and the Master. At first glance, they look very similar. There is one difference, though, between the two. The Expert range features braced double doors, which makes manoeuvring large objects in and out of the building a breeze. Both are available in a range of sizes and have great customisable features for you to pick from.

Overlap Cladding

Our overlap sheds still utilise quality wood and come at unbeatable prices. Overlap cladding is a cheaper alternative that's great for both small and large buildings. So start browsing for great deals on wood sheds with overlap sleeting today.

Overlap panels are individual horizontal boards that overlap each other. When nailed into place, this allows rainwater to run off your outdoor shed, all whilst protecting it against water ingress. Overlap models are sturdy, affordable, and still offer solid protection against inclement weather.

Pressure Treatment

At Garden Buildings Direct, you'll also find options for BillyOh pressure-treated garden sheds. This option involves sealing the timber in a vacuum before preservatives are added. The vacuum forces the preservatives deep into the grain of the wood. This ensures that it'll last much longer and need less maintenance. It can also save you money in the long run compared to non-pressure-treated timber. This is because you'd have to treat yourself with wood treatment products.

Pressure-treating our timber is also a more environmentally-friendly option. This is because it requires less energy and maintenance than other methods. As the wood will last longer, it can reduce strains on the timber industry, deforestation, and the climate.

Metal Sheds

And if you're looking for metal sheds, we've also got you covered. Our metal models work great as security sheds, making them perfect if you want to keep valuable outdoor equipment safe and secure.

Metal sheds are great if you want a stylish building that needs less maintenance. They're sturdy and provide your contents with trustworthy protection against the weather. Our metal garden sheds last a long time due to their galvanised steel frames, which help to prevent long-term issues like rust and corrosion.

Plastic Sheds

Even a small storage unit is a great value-for-money solution to most garden clutter. A BillyOh plastic outdoor storage unit is made from quality polycarbonate materials and often comes with its own foundation kit. These are able to withstand rain, snow, UV rays and heat well. Plastic sheds are great for couples, small families or small gardens, or first-time buyers. With a huge range of sizes on offer, you're certain to find one to house outdoor furniture, barbecues or bikes.

Roof Styles

We offer three distinct roof styles: apex, reverse apex, and pent.

Apex Roofs

An apex roof has two slopes that meet at their highest point in the centre of the roof. The two slopes fall away to either side.The roof is shaped like a capital ‘A' (think A for Apex) and is very common among outdoor garden buildings. A reverse apex shed has the same style roof but rotated ninety degrees so the slopes fall to the front and back of the building.

Pent Roofs

If you're after a more modern look, you may want to go for a pent roof shed. Whereas an apex roof has two slopes, a pent wooden shed only has one and appears almost flat to the untrained eye. Pent roofs slope towards the back of your shed (away from the door). This ensures adequate rainwater runoff. Stylish and modern, the headroom inside a pent building is at the lowest point at the bottom of the slope. It's worth taking this into account when you're deciding on which style of roof best suits your needs.


Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a range of Garden Buildingsin a variety of sizes. From large to small, and everything in between, all our products are made from high-quality materials.If you're looking for a classic 8x6 or a larger building from our 12x10 range we have just what you're looking for. So check out our fantastic range of styles and sizes to find sheds for salethat are perfect for any corner of your garden!

Uses For A Garden Shed

An outdoor building can be put to fantastic use by housing garden tools and garden equipment. Our range of garden sheds also offer dedicated space for a whole host of other uses,such as the perfect alternative to a home gym or extra lounge room. Otherwise, our garden offices and insulated summer houses are the perfect solutions. With so many garden sheds for sale, you can find ones that are perfect for storage. Or you can even build your own garden office or workshop.

One of the great benefits of a garden shed is its versatility. You can use them for almost anything. Make it a modest storage space, a workout space, or a state-of-the-art home cinema. There are endless ways to utilise the classic garden shed. Adding a few decorations and some furniture can transform a small outdoor space.

Protective Guarantee

All of our T&G garden sheds for sale come with a 10-year guarantee. This covers them against rot, decay, and insect infestation. Made from high-quality materials, our kits are easy to assemble. They'll be protected against water ingress and even harsh UK weather conditions.

Effortless Assembly

We don't offer an assembly service with our Sheds. But that's because they're so easy to construct! We send you a digital instruction manual as soon as you've made your order. Once your new building is delivered, you'll only need a few hours and a helper to get it up and running.

Garden Sheds for Sale: Delivery

Our delivery service is fast and free to most of the mainland UK across our entire range of products. So from potting sheds to workshops, we'll have your BillyOh garden building with you in no time. Shop for Garden Sheds near me today or head over to our clearance page to keep an eye out for any sales or offers!

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