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Good candidates for a brow lift are non-smokers in good physical health with realistic expectations regarding the outcome of surgery.

A brow lift (or forehead lift) is a commonly performed procedure designed to raise your eyebrows to a more aesthetically pleasing position. In addition, it improves lateral hoods, softens horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, and will smooths scowl lines between the eyebrows.Brow Lift The Woodlands | Forehead Lift Houston | Facial Surgery | Face Procedures (1)

For skin subjected to years of damage from environmental effects, lifting the brow is a popular choice to help reverse the signs of aging. This procedure is often used in conjunction with a facelift and eye surgery, a brow lift helps create a more youthful, refreshed overall appearance. This can also be a great option for younger candidates who have inherited traits, such as a low brow.

Your Consultation with Dr. Rivela

Your consultation is one-on-one time with Dr. Rivela to talk about your medical history, discuss options, ask questions and have him design a personalized plan for your cosmetic procedure.

Be prepared to discuss:

  • Why you want surgery, expectations, and desired outcome
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Current medication includes prescription, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Previous surgeries

Dr. Rivela may also:

  • Evaluate general health status including any pre-existing conditions and risk factors
  • Discuss the options available for your brow lift
  • Examine and measure parts of your face
  • Take photographs for your medical record
  • Discuss options and recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcome and any potential complications or risks

Contact Rivela Plastic Surgery for more information on brow lifts or other cosmetic enhancements you may be considering. Our friendly, informed staff looks forward to helping you look your best.

Your Procedure

Dr. Rivela, one of the Greater Houston area’s most sought-after plastic surgeons, has performed many brow lifts (forehead lifts). Performed under general anesthesia, the surgery takes between 30-90 minutes, depending on the patient. The procedure is performed at a hospital or surgery center and does not usually require an overnight stay.

Anesthesia: General

Location of operation: Hospital or surgery center in The Woodlands/North Houston area

Length of surgery: 30 minutes–1 ½ hour

Length of stay: Outpatient (home same day)

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Brow Lift The Woodlands | Forehead Lift Houston | Facial Surgery | Face Procedures (2)Your Recovery

Discomfort: You may expect mild pain or discomfort for up to four days, treatable in most cases, with Tylenol.

Swelling and Bruising: All swelling and bruising should improve within 10-14 days. It is important to keep your head constantly elevated and frequently apply ice packs to help reduce swelling during the first three days. Black eyes may also develop temporarily during the healing process.

Bandages: After completion of the procedure, your forehead will be taped and bandaged to minimize swelling and bruising. Bandages should be removed in 1-3 days. Dr. Rivela may also place a thin tube underdressing to drain excess fluid.

Stitches: Skin stitches will be removed in seven days.

Make-up: Make-up may be worn in 3-5 days and contacts in 7-10 days. With help of make-up, you may feel presentable for the public in 7-14 days.

Work: Although capable of returning to work within three days, your appearance may be a limiting factor.

Exercise: Wait 4-6 weeks before doing any exercise.

Final result: Will be seen in 4-6 weeks.

Brow Lift FAQs

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate for a brow lift is one who is physically healthy, does not smoke, and has realistic expectations about the outcome of surgery.

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What factors should be considered when selecting a surgeon?

The most important factors when selecting a surgeon for a brow lift or any surgical procedure are medical training, experience, and accreditation. Dr. Rivela has many years of experience in the art of plastic surgery and is accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has trained under some of the country’s leading plastic surgeons and is a member of numerous medical societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Combining superior technical skills with natural artistic ability, Dr. Rivela has developed a large, extremely satisfied patient base. He was named “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Woodlands Online from 2010 to the present.

How should I prepare?

Good lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep are especially important in the weeks leading up to surgery. If you are a smoker, it’s important that you quit two weeks before surgery and do not begin again until two weeks after. Some medications may need to be either decreased in dosage or discontinued two weeks prior to surgery. It is important to follow all of Dr. Rivela’s instructions leading up to surgery to ensure the best outcome.

Are there different methods performed?

There are two methods used for lifting the brow:

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  • Classic lift
  • Endoscopic lift

Performing the classic lift method, Dr. Rivela will make one continuous incision, beginning at ear level and going up around the hairline. After making necessary alterations, he will move the line of incision to be hidden beneath your hairline, avoiding visible scars. The tissue will be secured using stitches.

What is the recovery period like?

Depending on the procedure used, the immediate post-operative experience may differ significantly. With both, you may experience some numbness, incision discomfort, mild swelling, and bruising. Because the endoscopic lift is less invasive, you may have reduced pain and a shorter recovery period. With the classic lift, you may experience numbness on your scalp, replaced by itching lasting up to six months.

Are there risks associated with the brow lift?

Dr. Rivela will be discussing all risks and the likelihood of occurrence at your consultation. In most cases, there are no complications. Good pre-operative preparation and following Dr. Rivela’s post-operative instructions to the letter will help to reduce risks.

  • Forehead paralysis
  • Brow asymmetry
  • Permanent loss of hair
  • Numbness of the forehead
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Correctable hair loss at the incision
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Eye irritation or dryness

Consultations for procedures for the Body at Rivela Plastic Surgery arecomplimentary. Call our office today at(281) 681-3905


Dr. Rivela’s office is so peaceful and everyone is so welcoming! I first met Dr. Rivela and he was so kind and personal. I had chemical peels and derma-pen done, and everyone went so smoothly! Wendy did all my procedures and she is absolutely amazing! She knows what she is doing! She will bring you a blanket and make you feel at home during the procedure. 🙂 I highly recommend Rivela Plastic Surgery to anyone, don’t go anywhere else except here!


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Brow Lift The Woodlands | Forehead Lift Houston | Facial Surgery | Face Procedures (3)Brow Lift Cost

The cost of a Brow Lift will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

Schedule a Brow Lift Consultation

Interested in learning more about Brow Lift in The Woodlands / North Houston? Contact Rivela Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rivela. We look forward to offering compassionate treatment and excellent cosmetic plastic surgery solutions.

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