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Brow lift surgery, also known as a browplasty or forehead lift, is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps create a lifted brow appearance, which offers a more youthful look to the top portion of the face. A drooping brow can sometimes create a tired or angry look. This proceduresurgically lifts a sagging brow to create a rejuvenated appearance. Dr. S. BenjaminAlbright is a Houston, TX plastic surgeonwho has performedbrow lift surgery on both women and men to create a younger facial appearance. While a brow liftfocuses on the brow itself, it may alsohavean effect on the upper eyelid, Crow’s feet, and areas of the forehead. Wrinkle fillers and relaxers are often used in combination with a brow lift at Albright Plastic Surgery for optimal results, creating a softer andsmoother look.

Ideal Candidates

As we age, skin laxity decreases and causesvarious aspects of the face to begin to sag. This is especially true in the upper face region and typically affects both men and women. When looking in the mirror, do youfeelyou look tired or angry, ornotice frown lines between the brows, orare bothered by a drooping brow? A brow liftatAlbright Plastic Surgery may be the right cosmetic treatment for you.


"Plastic surgery is not just medicine, it is an art form. It is difficult to know when choosing a plastic surgeon whether, in addition to the requisite medical knowledge, they have the the artistic vision and the skill to translate that vision into beautiful results. Dr. Albright is the full package -- top notch training and education, coupled with artistic vision and technical skill.And, unlike so many surgeons, Dr. Albright has an excellent way with patients. I never felt rushed or pressured by him or his staff. I felt like we were all on a team and they made sure I had all the information I needed to make informed decisions along the way. My questions were always welcomed and I felt comfortable with the care plan I chose. Dr. Albright's staff is top notch. His offices are new and sparkling clean. And, he uses state of the art technology to deliver the best results. If you want the best plastic surgeon in Houston, look no further than Dr. Albright."

- E. / Healthgrades / Jun 29, 2020

"I would highly recommend Dr Albright. His bed side manner and integrity made my reconstructive process a smooth one. He walked me through everything paying close attention to every detail. His nurses and staff are kind and were always there to answer any questions that I had. Thank you Dr Albright and staff for everything you truly are one of a kind."

- A.W. / Google / Aug 05, 2020

"Dr. Albright is wonderful!!! I had my mastectomy and expander placed on the same day. When my bandages was removed I was in Aww! He’s work is incredible. I’ve have never been happier and I’m Just getting started. His entire team is awesome as well. Very professional, clean and sterile environment. If you are looking for someone that is meticulous, cutting edge technology, caring, and excellent at what they do, Dr. Albright is your plastic surgeon!"

- A.S. / Google / Jun 25, 2020

"THANK YOU to the ENTIRE TEAM for changing my life and never leaving my side throughout this this journey!! Due to a genetic mutation (BRCA2) and an extensive family history of cancer, I elected to have a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction. Dr. Albright and Katie discussed all options with my husband and I, and realistic expectations were outlined. Together, they listened to my wishes, concerns and fears with patience and respect. I felt safe, relevant and a sense of calm was finally achieved in my life during a very trying time. The results are impressively beautiful and natural. The surgery was meticulous, requiring the highest level of surgical excellence and precision, which Dr. Albright naturally possesses. The brilliance of his work is reflected in my results. I have never felt so guided and cared for by a physician and I am blessed that I found the surgeon for me. One that is with you every step of the way!"

- S.C. / Healthgrades / Jun 20, 2021

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"Dr. Albright is a brilliant surgeon. I am a year post surgery and couldn't ask for better results. Dr. Albright takes his time and reallly listens to his patients . His professional team is amazing and they truly have great best side manners. They have closely followed me through out my surgery journey. I just wished I had found Dr. Albright earlier to help out with my breast issues. I'm very thankful and finally at ease to be under Dr. Albright's care. "

- L. / Healthgrades / Jun 09, 2021


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what to expect

Prior to surgery, anesthesia will be administered. This can be done through general anesthesia or IV sedation depending on the nature of the surgery. The incision technique used during a brow lift is determined based on the severity of sag, whether or not the forehead is affected, andthe position of the hairline. There are many approaches to consider:

Traditional Incision

This is the open brow lift incision, thisplaces the incision at the top of the head behind the hairline. This incision not only hides scarring, it provides a certain degree of controlled lifting during the procedure. This type of incision incision works well for thosewith both a sagging brow and frown lines.This is the preferred method if you are at risk for having a receding hairline.

Trichophytic Incision

This incision is placed right along the hairline. It allows significant lifting of the brow formen and women who have a strong hairline with little risk for recession.

Lateral Brow Lift

Also known as a temporal brow lift, this technique places the incision in the hairline just above the temples. It allows the outer parts of the brow to be lifted and works well for sagging that is present in the outer brows. It also helps to smooth Crow’s feet.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift

This is one of the more modern techniques used in brow lift surgery. It places several tiny incisions in the hairline and inserts a tool known as an endoscope, which travels down to the area of the eyebrowto releaseits attachments.Through the camera of the endoscope, the brow tissue is suspended usingstitches to keep the browin its higher position.

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    anticipated results

    Recovery following brow lift surgeryvaries, with morepost-operativediscomfort and swellingoccurringwith the open approachversus the endoscopic or temporal methods. Overall, there will be slight bruising and swelling in the upperface near the brows and possiblyaround the eyes. Cold compresses may helpto diminish the swelling and Dr. Albright advises patientssleep upright forthe first severalnights following their surgery. It is importantto avoidany movement or activitiesthat may placestress on the face. The average recovery time from this procedure is about 2 – 3 weeks. The outcome can usually be seen immediately, resulting in a rejuvenated appearancethat looks softer, more alert,and with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and sagging in the upperface.

    Rejuvenate Your Appearance

    Don't let your sagging browto make people think you're mad, sad, tired, or angry — schedule a consultation to learn more about a brow lift with our plastic surgeonatAlbright Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX. By lifting your sagging brow, you can rejuvenate your entire appearance, making youlookyounger and more refreshed. Dr. Albright strives for natural-looking results; your brow lift will leave your friends wondering if you got a haircut or new outfit, not looking like you had surgery.

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