15 Alaska Hot Springs: Dip into the Best 15 (2022)

Relaxing in the steamy water of any of Alaska Hot Springs brings you closer to nature, rejuvenating tranquility. These hot springs are the oases in the chilling land of Alaska.

These steamy mineral springs attract thousands of visitors for their natural surrealism. The geothermally heated groundwater, warmer than the surrounding atmosphere, relaxes your body with numerous health benefits.

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These natural spas are known for medicinal effects ranging from healthy skin to strong joints. You must include Top 15 Alaska Hot Springs in your trip to Alaska for some exciting expedition.

Alaska And The Popularity of Hot Springs

Alaska has made its remarkable presence in the American tourism spectrum due to its versatile geographical attributes. Volcanoes, mountains, lakes, hikes, campgrounds, wild preserves, bears, and fishing create a bouquet of adventurous activities.

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Alaska Hot Springs are the most visited places included in this list. These natural hot springs remind you of the medieval times of Europe’s bathing practices. The popularity of the hot springs is dated back to the early 20th century.

These places provide more than just spa activities, and they exhibit hiking, skiing, bird-watching, and several other remarkable ventures. Let’s have a look at the Best 15 Alaska Hot Springs You Must Dip Into.

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Best 15 Alaska Hot Springs You Must Dip Into

1. Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs is an eco-friendly resort community in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska. It lies near the Chena River, 50 something miles northeast of Fairbanks.

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In 1905, two gold mining brothers, Thomas and Robert Swan, discovered Chena Hot Springs. An old story tells how the Swan brothers discovered this hot spring in their quest to find a natural remedy for Thomas’s rheumatism.

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In 1911, the area was developed as a tourist place with 12 small cabins for visitors. The popularity of the geothermal water spring made it the most famous resort in Alaska.

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Presently, Chena Hot Springs Resort has been developed as a world-class hot springs resort offering adventurous activities like skiing, ATV rides, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and a visit the geothermal renewable energy unit. It is also the best place to see the northern lights in Alaska.

The mineral-rich spring has the power of relaxing your body and energizing the soul. The nearby Chena State Recreation Area is another important tourist place that offers camping and hiking activities.

2. Pilgrim Hot Springs

The next name in the Alaska Hot Springs list is Pilgrim Hot Springs. Located at the bank of River Kruzgempa, it is part of the Seward Peninsula of Arctic Alaska.

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This historically significant mineral spring lies between Hen and Chickens Hill and the Kigluaik Mountain Range. Once home to Our Lady of Lourdes Orphanage, the place has seen several historical moments that ink the stories of native Alaskans and the gold-miners co-existence.

Presently, Pilgrim Hot Springs offers exciting natural spas, hiking, kayaking tours, and endless adventurous activities. Pilgrim Hot Springs is situated at the end of Golden Gate Pass.

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The side trip to Pilgrim Hot Springs showcases some unique bird-watching experience. Horned lark, American Golden Plover, and several other migrating birds fulfill your exciting bird-watching experience.

3. Baranof Warm Springs

The next name in Alaska Hot Springs List is Baranof Island Warm Springs, Sitka, Alaska. It lies on Baranof Island, a place known for grizzly bears, serendipitous forests, and mountain-lined bays.

Baranof Island Hot Springs exhibit a cluster of 10 mineral springs for your relaxation. A quarter-mile hike leads you to the warm, natural springs near Baranof River.

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The area is commercially developed and provides private bathhouse facilities also. From the natural bathtub, soaking yourself in hot mineral water, you can enjoy the mountains’ scenic views peeking through misty clouds.

Summer is the best time to visit this beautiful place. Lodging and camping facilities are also available with guided tours to explore the wildlife with plentiful bears, eagles, and seals.

4. Chief Shakes Hot Springs

Next in the Alaska Hot Springs List isChief Shakes Hot Springs, an ideal sauna spot for tourists to weave comfort and wilderness. Part of Tongass National Forest, it is situated just 28 miles northwest of Wrangell, Alaska.

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Chief Shakes Hot Springs provides free use facility where you can enjoy the natural sauna with a glimpse of exquisite wilderness. Tongass Forest Service also provides hot tubs, outhouses, picnic tables, and dressing rooms during the venture.

To soothe your hiking spirits, you can also avail yourself of tent camping with two cabins near the springs’ hiking trails. You can enjoy a year-round experience with a boating facility and explore the wildlife.

5. White Sulphur Springs

Alaska Hot Springs are phenomenal for their variety. Next to Chief Shakes Hot Springs lies White Sulphur Springs, famous for Pan Adobe style cabin with a bathhouse. The tourists love the outdoor pool for its steamy water and a sense of relaxation.

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White Sulphur Springs Trail is another attractive location that offers an easy walk around the area of beautiful natural entities. Tongass Forest Service manages the area. Summer is the best time to visit the cabin.

6. Tolovana Hot Springs

Located in Alaska’s remote interior, Tolovana Hot Springs is another mentionable inclusion in the Alaska Hot Springs list. It is situated 45 miles northwest of Fairbanks and famous for wilderness trips with backcountry experience.

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You can reach the springs either by trails or by plane as there is no road accessibility. You can enjoy hiking, bird-watching, kayaking with the memorable mineral sauna experience. Winter is the most suitable season for wilderness trips.

7. Manley Hot Springs

The next oasis in Alaska Hot Springs list is the census-designated place, Manley Hot Springs, a village with very few people and an abundance of natural beauties. It is situated at the Elliott Highway in Interior Alaska.

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While enjoying the natural mineral steamy bath, you can also glimpse the beautiful gardens around with various flowers. You can also stay at Manley Roadhouse on rent and enjoy your expedition villagers indulged in farming and fishing.

8. Serpentine Hot Springs

Like Tolovana, Serpentine Hot Springs doesn’t provide any road accessibility, which improves the wilderness experience. Situated on Bering Land Bridge, it is accessible through an aircraft or snowmobile.

Being part of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, it offers Serpentine Hot Springs proper and Arctic Hot Springs near Hot Springs Creek. You can also enjoy hiking in the National Preserve area with the memorable saline water steamy spa in the spring.

9. Kilo Hot Springs

Another remotely located place in Alaska Hot Springs list is Kilo Hot Springs, Ray Mountains, Alaska. There are several natural hot springs located near the Kanuti Kilolitna River, offering beautiful wilderness.

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Kilo Hot Springs provides camping facilities. However, you need to bring the necessary amenities with you. It also exhibits a 40-mile long trail that attracts tourists across the country.

10. Shelokum Hot Springs

It is part of Tongass National Forest situated near Lake Shelokum. This is one of the lesser-known Alaska Hot Springs with some prominent features for an ideal private visit.

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These springs are purely untouched by human interference. The natural beauty is kept isolated, offering an exclusive natural mineral spa. You can also enjoy an exciting hiking experience with 2.2 miles trail.

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11. Tenakee Hot Springs

Tenakee Hot Springs is another remotely located name in the Alaska Hot Springs list. This place offers sulfur hot mineral bath facilities with amazing displays of many historic structures.

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Tenakee Springs is actually a small village with a few inhabitants in Chichagof Islands, Southeast Alaska. It also displays a museum and offers fishing and kayaking activities for an amusing vacation.

12. Goddard Hot Springs

A 40 minutes ride from Sitka leads to another prominent Alaska Hot Springs where nature weds with manual luxuries. Goddard Hot Springs provides natural mineral springs with human-made bathtubs for a luxurious vacation with beautiful scenery.

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You can access bear-watching, fishing, and bird-watching for another exciting adventure. Sitka Authority provides Tom Young Cabin for your stay on the pre-reservation system.

13. Kanuti Hot Springs

Another remotely located place in the Alaska Hot Springs list is Kanuti Hot Springs, located just a few miles north of Arctic Circle. It offers two pools for a relaxing natural steamy spa with encircling forests.

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Kanuti Wildlife Refuge administers the place, and you may ask for their permission for camping. Guided tours are available for hiking and kayaking.

14. Circle Hot Springs

Circle Hot Springs is situated at Steese Highway, 100 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. It offers a dozen of campsites with year-round camping activities.

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You can enjoy spring water at around 135 degree-Fahrenheit temperature. It is an ideal camping destination with the necessary amenities. Visitors also enjoy the Northern Light display here.

15. Melozi Hot Springs

The final inclusion in Alaska Hot Springs List is lesser-known but beautiful Melozi Hot Springs. Just 30 miles northeast of Ruby, Alaska, this place offers a cluster of around 20 mineral springs.

15 Alaska Hot Springs: Dip into the Best 15 (19)

It is a remotely located place with the beauty of the wilderness. Private aircraft service is available for your convenience.

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15 Alaska Hot Springs: Dip into the Best 15 (20)

Gold-mining in Alaska provided financial strength to the region and discovered the Alsaka Hot Springs as old since the Primitive Age. Today, these springs are commercially operated and offer various activities—must-visit places for relaxation and tranquility.

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